Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Bug CODETOOLS-6734346 harness reads too many files
Bug CODETOOLS-7119836 Minor issues with online help
Task CODETOOLS-7901415 Audit harness menu options, usability update

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug CODETOOLS-7901399 SocketException instead of test timeout error message
Enhancement CODETOOLS-7901922 Introduce builder API for JCov file operations.
Enhancement CODETOOLS-7902094 lazily providing tests to run

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Versions: Unreleased

Name Release date
Unreleased jt2.0
Unreleased jt2.1
Unreleased jt2.1.1
Unreleased jt2.1.2
Unreleased jt2.1.3
Unreleased jt2.1.4
Unreleased jt2.1.5
Unreleased jt2.1.6
Unreleased jt2.2  
Unreleased jt3.0
Unreleased jt3.0.1
Unreleased jt3.0.2
Unreleased jt3.0.3
Unreleased jt3.1
Unreleased jt3.1.1
Unreleased jt3.1.2
Unreleased jt3.1.3
Unreleased jt3.1.4
Unreleased jt3.1.4_01
Unreleased jt3.1.4_02
Unreleased jt3.1.5  
Unreleased jt3.2
Unreleased jt3.2.1
Unreleased jt3.2.2
Unreleased jt3.2.2_01
Unreleased jt3.2.2_02
Unreleased jt3.2.2_03  
Unreleased jt3.2_01
Unreleased jt3.2_02
Unreleased jt3.2_03  
Unreleased jt3.3  
Unreleased jt4.0
Unreleased jt4.1
Unreleased jt4.1.1
Unreleased jt4.1.2
Unreleased jt4.1.3
Unreleased jt4.1.4
Unreleased jt4.1_01  
Unreleased jt4.2
Unreleased jt4.2.1
Unreleased jt4.3
Unreleased jt4.4
Unreleased jt4.4.1
Unreleased jt4.5  
Unreleased jt4.6  
Unreleased jt5.0  
Unreleased jt6.0  
Unreleased st1.2.3
Unreleased st1.2.4
Unreleased st1.3

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