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fp.bugs 3456 Win32 locations of AWT components are reported incorrectly



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      >From: ###@###.### (Doug Stein)
      This does not look like form output to me.

      X-Sun-Data-Type: text
      X-Sun-Data-Description: text
      X-Sun-Data-Name: text
      X-Sun-Charset: us-ascii
      X-Sun-Content-Lines: 106

      Category: AWT

      Priority: CRITICAL! (Low/Medium/High/Critical)

      JDK version: JDK-1_0-win32-x86.exe

      Platforms: Windows 95 [Version 4.00.950]
      Windows NT version 3.51


      The locations of AWT components are reported incorrectly on Windows.


      This bug occurs on Windows95 and WindowsNT.

      The "location" method of the Component class returns the location of
      a component relative to its parent. On Windows this location is not
      always correct.

      I did some experimentation to figure out what was going on. The
      "reshape" method takes an x, y, width, and height. I subclassed a
      component and overrode reshape to keep track of the current location
      of the component. I discovered that the x and y values reported by
      the "location" method do not always match the x and y values given in
      the most recent call to "reshape"!

      Test Case

      - Compile and run location.java:

      javac location.java
      java location

      - Resize the window several times.

      On Motif, you get the correct output for the x and y values:

      x=5 y=25 w=274 h=242
      x=10 y=10 w=254 h=222
      x=10 y=10 w=234 h=202
      x=10 y=10 w=214 h=182
      x=10 y=10 w=194 h=162
      x=10 y=10 w=174 h=142
      x=10 y=10 w=154 h=122
      x=10 y=10 w=134 h=102
      x=10 y=10 w=114 h=82
      x=10 y=10 w=94 h=62
      x=10 y=10 w=74 h=42

      However, on Windows, you get something like this:

      x=4 y=23 w=268 h=244
      x=14 y=33 w=248 h=224
      x=24 y=43 w=228 h=204
      x=34 y=53 w=208 h=184
      x=44 y=63 w=188 h=164
      x=54 y=73 w=168 h=144
      x=64 y=83 w=148 h=124
      x=74 y=93 w=128 h=104
      x=84 y=103 w=108 h=84
      x=94 y=113 w=88 h=64
      x=104 y=123 w=68 h=44

      You may also see a mixture of correct and incorrect values:

      x=4 y=23 w=217 h=392
      x=10 y=10 w=197 h=372
      x=10 y=10 w=177 h=352
      x=10 y=10 w=157 h=332
      x=10 y=10 w=137 h=312
      x=10 y=10 w=117 h=292
      x=64 y=83 w=97 h=272
      x=74 y=93 w=77 h=252
      x=84 y=103 w=57 h=232
      x=10 y=10 w=37 h=212
      x=10 y=10 w=17 h=192

      Normally, I get a lot more incorrect locations than correct locations.
      However, when I redirect the output of the test program to a file, I
      get more correct positions than incorrect positions. This indicates a
      race condition of some sort.

      X-Sun-Data-Type: default
      X-Sun-Data-Description: default
      X-Sun-Data-Name: location.java
      X-Sun-Charset: us-ascii
      X-Sun-Content-Lines: 106

      import java.awt.*;

      class BorderPanel extends Panel {
        private static final int borderWidth = 10;

        public Dimension minimumSize() {
          Dimension d;

          if (countComponents() > 0) {
            Component comp = getComponent(0);
            d = comp.minimumSize();
          else {
            d = new Dimension(0, 0);

          d.width += 2*borderWidth;
          d.height += 2*borderWidth;

          return d;

        public Dimension preferredSize() {
          return minimumSize();

        public void layout() {
          Dimension d = size();
          Component components[] = getComponents();

          for (int i=0; i<components.length; i++) {
            if (i==0) {
      components[i].reshape(borderWidth, borderWidth,
      d.width - 2*borderWidth,
      d.height - 2*borderWidth);
            else {
      components[i].reshape(-1, -1, 0, 0);

        public void paint(Graphics g) {
          Dimension d = size();
          g.drawRect(0, 0, d.width-1, d.height-1);
          g.drawRect(1, 1, d.width-3, d.height-3);

      public class location extends Frame {
        private int validateCount;

        public static void main(String argv[]) {
          new location();

        public location() {
          Button button = new Button("Button");
          Panel p = new BorderPanel();
          createNestedPanels(button, p, 10);
          add("Center", p);


        public void createNestedPanels(Component c, Panel parent, int num) {
          if (num == 0)
          else {
            Panel bp = new BorderPanel();
            createNestedPanels(c, bp, num-1);

        public synchronized void validate() {
          boolean valid = isValid();

          System.out.println("validate " + validateCount++);
          if (!valid)

        public void printLocations() {
          Point p;
          Dimension d;
          Panel panel;
          Component c = getComponent(0);

          while (c instanceof Panel) {
            panel = (Panel)c;
            p = panel.location();
            d = panel.size();

            System.out.println("x=" + p.x + "\\ty=" + p.y +
      "\\tw=" + d.width + "\\th=" + d.height);
            c = panel.getComponent(0);


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