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defaults for Motif native methods are not set optimally


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      [2/29/96 A.Wagner]

      I am filing this bug after discussion with aim on what to do....

      There are various resources and defaults in Motif that we can adjust to
      make Motif more visually appealing and more usable for people. I am
      going to list all of them in this bug for completeness.

      1. The current 2 pixel default for the chiseled 3D look should be reset to
      one (1) pixel. This will alleviate some of the busy look problems with
      scrollbars and buttons.

      2. Buttons have very little or no white space between the text label and
      the border of the button. This is in contrast to the Option menus, which
      seem to have twice as much space vertically. The Option menus are
      erratic in white space usage horizontally however. The amount of white
      space used appears to depend on whats in the menu.

      In both cases, the default for white space usage needs to altered so that
      labels are not crammed up against borders and option menus and buttons
      share the same white space usage rules. Examples of correct usage can
      be supplied upon request.

      3. Non-editable (read-only) text fields use the chiseled look with a gray
      background, a practice that results in repeated user errors because the visuals
      are not distinct enough from a editable text field for users to be able to
      determine that the field is not editable. If possible, the default for a non-editable
      text field should be to have NO border.

      4. Typeface defaults should be checked to make sure that there are fallback
      resources if an appropriate typeface cannot be found. A possible example of
      this can be seen when running the HotJava browser under OpenWindows
      in which the wrong typeface is used for the menus. The fallback on all
      platforms should be to use Helvetica. This fallback should only be used it
      the correct default for that platform (OW, CDE, ?) cannot be used.

      5. File Selection Box: We need to figure out what, if any, defaults we can
      change with regard to text field labels, hidden files, button labels, and
      list labels. Several usability problems with the Motif file selection box
      can be eased with better labels.

      6. Last, we should check the resources and see what other modifications
      can be made to make Motif look and work more usably. And to make sure
      that there are fallback defaults that make sense.


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