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appletviewer core dumped on loading an url



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      While trying to load an url, appletviewer core dumped.
      Machine details:

      issac[vivek]511: uname -a
      SunOS issac 5.5.1 BETA_REFRESH sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1

      Core dump detail:

      issac[vivek]508: !! http://whirligig.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~lro93/JAVA/HANDS3/
      appletviewer http://whirligig.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~lro93/JAVA/HANDS3/
      SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation
          si_signo [11]: SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation
          si_errno [0]: Error 0
          si_code [1]: SEGV_ACCERR [addr: 0xef770000]
              stackbase=EFFFF844, stackpointer=EFFFD150
      Full thread dump:
          "thread applet-Hands.class" (TID:0xee701e90, sys_thread_t:0xee3c1de0) prio=6
          "Finalizer thread" (TID:0xee700370, sys_thread_t:0xee3f1de0) prio=1
          "Async Garbage Collector" (TID:0xee700318, sys_thread_t:0xef441de0) prio=1
          "Idle thread" (TID:0xee7002a0, sys_thread_t:0xef471de0) prio=0
          "clock handler" (TID:0xee7001f8, sys_thread_t:0xef551de0) prio=11
          "main" (TID:0xee7000a0, sys_thread_t:0x7da50) prio=5 *current thread*
      Monitor Cache Dump:
          unknown key (key=0xef441de0): monitor owner: "Async Garbage Collector"
          java.lang.Runtime@EE700EE0/EE735DC8 (key=0xee700ee0): monitor owner: "main"
          unknown key (key=0xc4f98): monitor owner: "main"
          sun.applet.AppletViewerPanel@EE701980/EE73BA08 (key=0xee701980): unowned
              Waiting to be notified:
                  "thread applet-Hands.class"
          java.lang.Class@EE702128/C42A0 (key=0xee702128): monitor owner: "main"
          sun.applet.AppletViewer@EE700E88/EE73AFA8 (key=0xee700e88): monitor owner: "main"
      Registered Monitor Dump:
          Finalize me queue lock: unowned
              Waiting to be notified:
                  "Finalizer thread"
          Thread queue lock: unowned
          Class lock: unowned
          Java stack lock: unowned
          Code rewrite lock: unowned
          Heap lock: unowned
          Has finalization queue lock: unowned
          Monitor IO lock: unowned
          Child death monitor: unowned
          Event monitor: unowned
          I/O monitor: unowned
          Alarm monitor: unowned
              Waiting to be notified:
                  "clock handler"
          Sbrk lock: unowned
          Monitor cache lock: unowned
          Monitor registry: monitor owner: "main"
      Thread Alarm Q:
      Abort (core dumped)

      The next attempt to load succeeded. The core will be stored in
      /net/elmer/export/bugtraq/etc/attached/`this_bugid` in compressed form

      [Tim, 7/31/96:] I looked at this core file and got the following dump. My dbx
      seems to think that the core is somewhat corrupted. The dump:

      program terminated by signal ABRT (Abort)
      (dbx) where
      =>[1] _tsdalloc(0xb, 0xefffd4b0, 0xefffd1f8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x1), at 0xef5f3bb0
        [2] getitimer(0xb, 0xefffd4b0, 0xefffd1f8, 0x1fff, 0xef7f9434, 0x2000), at 0xef5b8838
        [3] list_append(0x7, 0x4000, 0xee38d5f8, 0x35f8, 0xef770054, 0xee38e000), at 0xef7d8b90
        [4] readenv(0x3e000, 0x3b09c, 0xef770054, 0xef770034, 0x3, 0x2000), at 0xef7d916c
        [5] _rt_mutex_unlock(0xef7f93f0, 0xefffd8e8, 0x0, 0xef7f9420, 0xef7f954c, 0x0), at 0xef7d7994
        [6] elf_obj_init(0xefffd8e8, 0xef7fa5ec, 0xefffd824, 0xef7fbc78, 0x1, 0xef7fbc78), at 0xef7dd0c8
        [7] plt_cg_interp(0xefffd8e8, 0x1, 0x361f0, 0xefffd824, 0xef7fa5ec, 0xefffd8e8), at 0xef7dcf40
        [8] remap_profile(0xefffd8e8, 0x1, 0x3a, 0x0, 0x6e65742e, 0x0), at 0xef7dcd1c
        [9] sysAddDLSegment(0xefffd8e8, 0x505c0, 0x10, 0x2, 0xee73c4a0, 0x69d38), at 0x361f0
        [10] java_lang_Runtime_loadFileInternal(0xee700ee0, 0xee7023d0, 0xee702218, 0x0, 0x56270, 0x2), at 0x3266c
        [11] Java_java_lang_Runtime_loadFileInternal_stub(0x5acec, 0x5acf0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xfffffff9, 0x1), at 0x23f0c
        [12] invokeNativeMethod(0x5acec, 0x98cd4, 0x5acc4, 0xeffff7ec, 0xee700ee0, 0x5acc4), at 0x22ab0
        [13] ExecuteJava(0xeffff7fc, 0x5acec, 0x5acb0, 0xffff, 0x5acc4, 0x5acdc), at 0x2d9bc
        [14] do_execute_java_method_vararg(0x0, 0xc9727, 0x5abfc, 0x5ac34, 0x5ac5c, 0xc4f98), at 0x2a070
        [15] do_execute_java_method(0xeffff7ec, 0xc4f98, 0x0, 0x0, 0xca5e0, 0x1), at 0x29a9c
        [16] RunStaticInitializers(0xeffff7ec, 0xca5e0, 0x29, 0xca62c, 0xc4f98, 0xc6ea4), at 0x22d98
        [17] RuntimeInitClass(0x0, 0xc4f98, 0x29, 0xc4ee4, 0x29, 0x2d), at 0x1ecc8
        [18] Locked_ResolveClass(0xc4f98, 0xefffe824, 0xfc00, 0xc42a0, 0xc4f98, 0x1), at 0x222e8
        [19] ResolveClass(0xc4f98, 0xefffe824, 0x0, 0x6a6176, 0x697400a4, 0x6974006a), at 0x21f40
        [20] FindLoadedClass(0xefffe8e8, 0x1, 0x0, 0xa2810, 0x0, 0xc4f98), at 0x22414
        [21] FindClassFromClass(0xeffff7ec, 0xefffe8e8, 0x1, 0xc42a0, 0xee73c128, 0x2), at 0x22648
        [22] java_lang_Class_forName(0x0, 0xee7021b8, 0x0, 0x0, 0xfffffff9, 0x1), at 0x1e600
        [23] Java_java_lang_Class_forName_stub(0x5ac24, 0xeffff7ec, 0x57ad8, 0xeffff7ec, 0x400, 0x1), at 0x23514
        [24] invokeNativeMethod(0x5ac24, 0x69acc, 0x5abfc, 0xeffff7ec, 0xee700098, 0x5ad40), at 0x22ab0
        [25] ExecuteJava(0xeffff7fc, 0x5ac20, 0x5abf8, 0xffff, 0x5abfc, 0x5ac14), at 0x2d9bc
        [26] do_execute_java_method_vararg(0x0, 0x87d0a, 0x0, 0x5aa8c, 0x5aab4, 0x81a88), at 0x2a070
        [27] do_execute_java_method(0xeffff7ec, 0x81a88, 0x0, 0x0, 0x88898, 0x1), at 0x29a9c
        [28] start_java(0x81a88, 0x1, 0xeffff864, 0x88898, 0xeffff868, 0xeffff996), at 0x308ac




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