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canvas objects get spurious reshape requests, moving the component


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      ###@###.### sent this in. I got it from tball.
      That's DimensionX, one of our better ISV's which had a booth at JavaOne... this email generated quite a few bug reports, it appears this was the one report I forgot to put the email address on, sorry... he should be on the interest list as well, I'm adding it now... we'll have to try to get a code fragment
      from dimensionX, but you might have an easier time of it asking patrick@dimensionx yourself... unfortunately, we weren't given code examples on this, it was submitted by engineering request.
      We should get back to dimensionX asking for a code example... I'm certain I asked generally, but I don't think I got a good reply, probably because it would have been 8 programs I'd asked for. You'll have better luck asking for this one.
      > - canvas objects get spurious reshape requests, moving the component
      > within the parent Container. The move delta seems to be the
      > same as the current offset (position) of the Parent Frame in
      > the root background window. This seems to be worst on Win95,
      > although it does obtain on WinNT as well. I have not seen
      > it on Unix, but have not tested as extensively.
      > - This is made MUCH worse by not synchronizing reshape().
      > - This has been improved somewhat (not completely) by the
      > newer AWT.dll available with the Borland beta tools.
      > Note that the above refer to applications. In an applet,
      > my canvas gets asked to move to (0,5). I can safely ignore
      > this, and do. In an application, it is harder to determine
      > where the canvas really SHOULD be, and to ignore the bad
      > reshape requests.




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