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Printing image data through URL is broken when using DocFlavor constr on win32



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      Testsuite name: 2D manual
      JDK/JRE tested: 5u22-rev-b06
      OS/architecture: Windows7-x64
      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine:
      [If sometimes] Also reproducible on machine:
      Is it a platform specific regression: N
      [If yes] Is it a new platform support: Y/N
      [If yes] Regression relative to OS version:
      Is it a Regression: Not sure
      [If yes] Regression introduced in release/build:
      [If yes] Test result on FCS: Pass/Fail
      Test result on FCS: not provided
      Test run log location:

      Steps to reproduce:
      Please refer to the parent CR over mustang below.

      Platform: WinXP Prof
      Printer: Lexmark Optra T610, HP LaserJet 4050N
      Driver: PCL
      JDK: Occurs since JDK1.4
      Data: GIF, JPEG, PNG images with URL representation class.

      I am printing a jpeg file to a PCL printer using the DocFlavor - image/jpeg, java.net.URL and Java Print Service APIs. Instead of using the built-in flavor (DocFlavor.URL.JPEG) I am creating a new doc flavor through the constructor passing the above mentioned mime type and the representation class. When the image is printed, I am getting 100s of pages of junk data on WinXP.

      This occurs only when I am using a DocFlavor constructor. This works fine when using the built-in DocFlavor. This is not reproducible on Xerox Docuprint N4025 PS printer. This occurs for any image print data that is printed through URL class.

      I have attached a sample test. Execute the sample test. Make sure you have a default PCL printer configured on your system. If the printer prints junk data, the bug is reproduced.
      ****Beware of the fact that this bug produces huge junk data and hence your printer will keep on printing 100s of pages unless you cancel the job****

      Printing the print data to a file using the above doc flavor actually copies the source image into the destination file specified. The output file is not a PS or a PCL file but it is just an image file. I think since the 'if' condition is not satisfied, an input stream is obtained from the URL and passed to the printer, when inturn gets dumped into the destination file specified.


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