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StackOverflowError due to recursion at sun.font.TrueTypeFont.getTableBuffer


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      I didn't clarify enough in my bugster update earlier while closing.

      This CR was reported while fixing other issues reported by Starwoods Hotel as mentioned in the bug report. Actually, there were a series of AWT issues reported by them and other customers wrt crashes / hangs. It ultimately led to a re-design of the code (called Big AWT Fix, running into 1000s of lines ) in jdk 5 with Development engagement from SPB. We had to get the customer test suite inhouse (there were other customers involved as well, so I am not sure about the full scope of test suites) and QA tested the changes extensively in 5 & 6.

      6471418-2146661 is in 2D, so I would assume this bug would have been independent of the other AWT changes. But we had customer test setup then for 5 & 6, so all their bugs would have been verified on that, including 6471418-2146661. Since this was 5 yrs back, we don't have any of those around to verify on 7. Also, the bug was not reported by any other customer and was not easily reproducible. See the attached mail from RE, where he requested a waiver for Mustang. Considering all this I decided to close it.

      But the fix for this is only a line change and as Phil is fine with approving without test assigning it to Sunita for forward port in 7.


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