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java.util.Locale.getISO3Country() works wrong if language is not defined



      Name: avC70361 Date: 03/11/98

        The java.util.Locale.getISO3Country() works wrong for locales with correct
      ISO country code, but with no language specified. Instead of retuning ISO
      three-letter country code it throws MissingResourceException for the locales.
      It should not because a three-letter ISO country code depends on the contry only, not on the language.

      Here is the test demonstrating the bug.
      import java.util.Locale;
      import java.util.MissingResourceException;

      public class GetISO3CountryTest {

        static final String[] countryCodes = {
          "AF", "AL", "DZ", "AS", "AD", "AO", "AI", "AQ", "AG", "AR", "AM", "AW",
          "AU", "AT", "AZ", "BS", "BH", "BD", "BB", "BY", "BE", "BZ", "BJ", "BM",
          "BT", "BO", "BA", "BW", "BV", "BR", "IO", "BN", "BG", "BF", "BI", "KH",
          "CM", "CA", "CV", "KY", "CF", "TD", "CL", "CN", "CX", "CC", "CO", "KM",
          "CG", "CK", "CR", "CI", "HR", "CU", "CY", "CZ", "DK", "DJ", "DM", "DO",
          "TP", "EC", "EG", "SV", "GQ", "ER", "EE", "ET", "FK", "FO", "FJ", "FI",
          "FR", "FX", "GF", "PF", "TF", "GA", "GM", "GE", "DE", "GH", "GI", "GR",
          "GL", "GD", "GP", "GU", "GT", "GN", "GW", "GY", "HT", "HM", "HN", "HK",
          "HU", "IS", "IN", "ID", "IR", "IQ", "IE", "IL", "IT", "JM", "JP", "JO",
          "KZ", "KE", "KI", "KP", "KR", "KW", "KG", "LA", "LV", "LB", "LS", "LR",
          "LY", "LI", "LT", "LU", "MO", "MK", "MG", "MW", "MY", "MV", "ML", "MT",
          "MH", "MQ", "MR", "MU", "YT", "MX", "FM", "MD", "MC", "MN", "MS", "MA",
          "MZ", "MM", "NA", "NR", "NP", "NL", "AN", "NC", "NZ", "NI", "NE", "NG",
          "NU", "NF", "MP", "NO", "OM", "PK", "PW", "PA", "PG", "PY", "PE", "PH",
          "PN", "PL", "PT", "PR", "QA", "RE", "RO", "RU", "RW", "KN", "LC", "VC",
          "WS", "SM", "ST", "SA", "SN", "SC", "SL", "SG", "SK", "SI", "SB", "SO",
          "ZA", "GS", "ES", "LK", "SH", "PM", "SD", "SR", "SJ", "SZ", "SE", "CH",
          "SY", "TW", "TJ", "TZ", "TH", "TG", "TK", "TO", "TT", "TN", "TR", "TM",
          "TC", "TV", "UG", "UA", "AE", "GB", "US", "UM", "UY", "UZ", "VU", "VA",
          "VE", "VN", "VG", "VI", "WF", "EH", "YE", "YU", "ZR", "ZM", "ZW"

        public static void main(String args[]) {
          boolean printed = false;

          for(int i = 0; i < countryCodes.length; i++) {
            try {
              new Locale("", countryCodes[i]).getISO3Country();
            } catch(MissingResourceException e) {
              if (!printed) {
                System.out.println("Countries for which three letter ISO code is not found :");
                printed = true;
              } else {
                System.out.print(", " + countryCodes[i]);
      ------------The test output---------
      > LANG=C
      > java GetISO3CountryTest
      Countries for which three letter ISO code is not found :
      AF, AL, DZ, AS, AD, AO, AI, AQ, AG, AR, AM, AW, AU, AT, AZ, BS, BH, BD, BB, BY, BE, BZ, BJ, BM, BT, BO, BA, BW, BV, BR, IO, BN, BG, BF, BI, KH, CM, CA, CV, KY, CF, TD, CL, CN, CX, CC, CO, KM, CG, CK, CR, CI, HR, CU, CY, CZ, DK, DJ, DM, DO, TP, EC, EG, SV, GQ, ER, EE, ET, FK, FO, FJ, FI, FR, FX, GF, PF, TF, GA, GM, GE, DE, GH, GI, GR, GL, GD, GP, GU, GT, GN, GW, GY, HT, HM, HN, HK, HU, IS, IN, ID, IR, IQ, IE, IL, IT, JM, JP, JO, KZ, KE, KI, KP, KR, KW, KG, LA, LV, LB, LS, LR, LY, LI, LT, LU, MO, MK, MG, MW, MY, MV, ML, MT, MH, MQ, MR, MU, YT, MX, FM, MD, MC, MN, MS, MA, MZ, MM, NA, NR, NP, NL, AN, NC, NZ, NI, NE, NG, NU, NF, MP, NO, OM, PK, PW, PA, PG, PY, PE, PH, PN, PL, PT, PR, QA, RE, RO, RU, RW, KN, LC, VC, WS, SM, ST, SA, SN, SC, SL, SG, SK, SI, SB, SO, ZA, GS, ES, LK, SH, PM, SD, SR, SJ, SZ, SE, CH, SY, TW, TJ, TZ, TH, TG, TK, TO, TT, TN, TR, TM, TC, TV, UG, UA, AE, GB, UM, UY, UZ, VU, VA, VE, VN, VG, VI, WF, EH, YE, YU, ZR, ZM, ZW



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