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accelerator/mnemonic modifiers should be configurable (not hardcoded in UI)


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      Subject: Metal vs non-ascii chars on Mac
      Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 09:44:22 -0800
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      From: Jens Alfke <###@###.###>
      To: "Tom Ball" <Thomas.Ball@Eng>, "Amy Fowler" <amy.fowler@Eng>, "Chris Ryan" <chris.ryan@Eng>
      Cc: "Jeremy Daggett" <Jeremy.Daggett@Eng>, "Steve McGrath" <###@###.###>, "Pete Steinauer" <###@###.###>
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      Tom, Amy, Jeremy:

      One of our developers in Denmark has been bugging me about an issue that
      I think is purely Swing/Metal related; I can't find any decent workaround
      in MRJ. So I'm dumping it on you. (He has sent it to the general Swing
      feedback address but also begged me to use my (ahem) influence with the
      Swing team to make it better known...)

      The problem in a nutshell is that, in certain Mac OS international
      keyboard layouts, it is necessary to use the Option (aka Alt) key to type
      some regular ascii characters -- the example he gave is "~" which I
      believe is Option-"`" on the Danish keyboard.

      However, Metal interprets all Alt-modified keystrokes as shortcuts, so
      when a "~" is typed it will be sucked up as a potential shortcut and not
      entered into text. This makes it impossible to type this character in a
      Metal based UI.

      I should note that the problem also occurs, in a slightly lesser form,
      even with US keyboard layouts -- in _any_ Mac keyboard layout many
      non-ascii characters like "ø" (o with a slash, if this message gets MIME
      mangled) or "¢" (cents) use Option (Option-O and Option-4 respectively)
      and are thus non-typable in Metal. Other such characters include bullets
      and fi/ff/fl ligatures -- the kinds of things people in publishing use

      [I'm not sure whether this issue applies to MSWindoes as well, because
      frankly despite a year of NT purgatory I was _never_ able to figure out
      how to type a non-ascii character. Thank you, Microsoft.]

      I've already engaged in a bit of religous saber-rattling with Chris Ryan
      over Metal's insistence on using the Option/Alt key -- you guys are
      obviously going to have a different opinion than us on whether
      consistency between platforms is more or less important than consistency
      with other apps on the same platform. But the bare facts are that this
      decision has to some degree, depending on their nationality, crippled the
      keyboards of Mac users.

      Any ideas?


      PS: If you want to talk to this developer directly, his name is Mads
      Freek Petersen, ###@###.###

      SAP need the fix for their SAP GUI for Java ASAP.
      The product is shipping and the customers have trouble




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