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FileDialog connection to /floppy and /cdrom broken on Solaris Sparc.



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P2
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.2, 1.3.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: client-libs
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      Source code and script are attached. Edit the script for your environment.
      The FileDialog bug appears on both sparc and x86 Solaris platforms.

      Place a CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. Place a floppy disk in your floppy disk
      drive. Start the test. Click on the "Show File Dialog" button.

         | _popup |
         | Enter path or folder name: |
         || /home/ajacobs/tmp/FileDialogTests/ |*|| <<<< Click at the arrow to the
         |------------------------------------------ right of the ComboBox.
         | |

      Nothing happens. It's supposed to bring up the rest of the ComboBox allowing
      a choice of /cdrom, /floppy, and the current working directory (?). The
      specifications are no help here. But I think this part of the FileDialog
      is not working correctly.

      allan.jacobs@Eng 1999-10-20

      OK. The behavior is a little different from that described above. Clicking
      on the arrow sometimes causes the text to the left to jump to the user's home
      directory the first time the test is run.

      #1: I'm not an athlete and my coordination is gone, but I cannot get the jump
      to occur reproducibly.

      #2: My memory is that there was supposed to be a ComboBox for choosing
      locations and that two of those were /cdrom and /floppy. Nothing is written down
      about it. Or, maybe my memory has disappeared along with my athletic prowess.

      #3: Even if a jump to the user's home directory is the correct behavior, then the
      FileDialog can still be made to behave in a manner that I find inexplicable.
      Just add more interaction:

      (1) Start up the test. Click on the "Show File Dialog" button.
      (2) Click on the arrow key. This causes a jump to $HOME.
      (3) Click on the cancel button.
      (4) Click on the "Show File Dialog" button. The dialog is aimed at the current
          working directory, again.
      (5) Click on the arrow key. Nothing happens. Or is this just the intermittency
          problem again?

      allan.jacobs@Eng 1999-10-21

      On Intel, a list is presented (every time). The entries on the list are ${HOME},
      /cdrom, and /floppy.

      allan.jacobs@Eng 1999-11-19

      Machine information attached.

      allan.jacobs@Eng 1999-11-29

      This is beginning to look like an X-windows problem. I have two
      machines in my office - an Ultra2 named algol and an x86 named
      x86-sirius. I ran the code twice on algol.

      The first time, the DISPLAY variable was set so that the screen,
      keyboard, and mouse on algol were used.

      algol% cd tmp/FileDialogTests
      algol% setenv DISPLAY algol:0.0
      algol% JS.ksh
      .... and the test failed.

      The second time, the DISPLAY variable was set so that the screen,
      keyboard, and mouse on x86-sirius were used.
      algol% setenv DISPLAY x86-sirius:0.0
      algol% JS.ksh
      .... and the test is able to get to /cdrom and /floppy using the
      triangular button at the upper right in the FileDialog.

      Reversing the roles (running the test on x86-sirius) confirms that
      the problem is with the handling of window or mouse events
      generated on algol.

      allan.jacobs@Eng 1999-12-01


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