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A https connection to the test Java Web Server can't be done by using Netscape.


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      kestrel fcs_P on Japanese Windows98,2000,NT4.0.

      A https connection to the Test Java Web Server can't be done
      by using Japanese Netscape browser.
      For example, try to access HTTPS or HTTP of Java Web Server in this URL:

      With test case1. URL is: http://kittest.eng.sun.com:8080/https/tests/updates/GP.html
      Before indicating "Certificate Is Expired dialog", it stops.
      It waits for a while, exeption is indicated as follows.

      Exception Caught in Application
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: https://kittest.eng.sun.com:7070/~vmanda//httpsTest/sample.txt
              at sun.plugin.protocol.https.BrowserHttpsInputStream.openStream(Native Method)
              at sun.plugin.protocol.https.BrowserHttpsInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source)
              at sun.plugin.protocol.https.BrowserHttpsURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
              at GP.compare(GP.java:130)
              at GP.start(GP.java:29)
              at sun.applet.AppletPanel.run(Unknown Source)
              at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

      There is "file not found" in exception. However, that file actually exists.
      It can be confirmed with IE and so on.

      "Certificate Is Expired dialog" is displayed with "Apache Web Server"
      and "Netscape Web Server" in Test case1.

      Other test cases with Java Web Server stops before indicating "Certificate
      Is Expired dialog",too.

      Name: rlT66838 Date: 12/06/99

      Running an Applet using Java PlugIn 1.3beta inside IE 5.0. Inside the applet, it is connecting to a IIS 4.0 web server's URL (setup to use SSL and requires client authenticaation). The PlugIn throws a FileNotFoundException.

      However, running the same applet under NetScape 4.5 Communicator doesn't cause any problems.

      Typing in the same URL in the browser directly works without a problem (IE prompts for client certificate properly and submits it to the server).

      I am not sure whether this is related, I am using GemSAFE User SmartCard Kit. GemSAFE Cryptography Provoider is installed with IE5 and NetScape 4.5. The Client Certificate resides in the GemSAFE SmartCard. The GemSAFE crypto provider handles the retrieving certificate part.

      In another machine I attempted the same applet where I have IE 4.01 and Netscape 4.05 installed. It also has the GemSAFE SmartCard Kit installed for both browsers. The PlugIn in this machine comes from JRE 1.2.2. I couldn't get the applet working inside IE 4.01. However Netscape 4.05 ran the applet without any problems.
      (Review ID: 95480)


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