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Linux JDK 1.2.2 automatically resizes GUI Windows so only title bar shows


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      On Linux, we have tests in our testsuite failing because of an issue with the Linux JDK 1.2.2 (downloaded from hoth.eng). Apparently, at unpredictable times, Windows will be brought up, and then resized so that only the title bar shows. As a direct result of this resize, our tests can't access GUI Components within the Window because that Window has been shrunk so small that the GUI Components which need to be tested can't be tested.
      In order to reproduce this problem, rlogin to the linux machine from a sparc-S2 machine, setenv DISPLAY to the name of the sparc-S2 machine (plus ":0.0", of course!), and then do xhost + on the sparc-S2 machine in a separate terminal. Then, run the tests normally. You should see some of the GUI Windows appear, and then very quickly resize themselves so that only the title bar shows. This will occur with about 20% of the tests.
      christopher.mcfadden@eng 2000-04-26

      Despite my efforts, this behavior has not been reproduced with the JDK1.2.2, let alone the JDK1.3 . To be blunt, the behavior stopped all of a sudden, and I haven't been able to reproduce it again. When I asked the folks working on our testsuite about this, they told me that they hadn't made any changes to the testsuite to work around this problem. This bug will be closed as not reproducible.
      christopher.mcfadden@eng 2000-06-21




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