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Behavior of TextAction.getFocusedComponent has compatibility problems


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      Stylepad Functions that are not working as expected:
      EDIT MENU:
      CUT: operation not working. Enter a line of text, select the line of text, cut the line of text, line of text stays selected, but is not cut- text remains.

      COPY, PASTE not operating as expected.
      Enter a line of text, select the line of text, select Copy, the line of text is now unselected (same behavior as jdk1.3fcs, ok so far),
      Paste the line of text, text doesn't get pasted.

      COLOR: Not able to change the font color, this looks primarily like a Selection issue, when text is selected to change the color, the text becomes unselected (however this is the same selection behavior as in jdk1.3) after the Color Menu item is selected, the text becomes selected again, but the color has NOT changed.

      FONT MENU:
      None of the operations that I tried made any change to the text selected
      (Font, Size or Style)
      Not operating either...

      Selection: Fonts are not selected fully, if there is a few lines of text, can not select from top to bottom, this is an old bug that I filed in merlinF build, bug # 4327136.
      In a New Document:
      Selection of text in a new document with only one line of text entered, text will 'white out' so it appears that the text disappears. This happens when the document is new and there is only one line of text. the text will reappear if the text operation is selected.
      Text that needs to stay selected through the duration of an operation do not...
      Therefore not able to perform any of the normal text manipulation operations that are needed for Stylepad
      Text Alignment
      Font Selection
      Text Style

      New Copy and Click Paste Operation:
      It is difficult to get it to work consistently.
      Enter some text, 2-3 lines, Select the Text, Select Copy from the Edit menu, now go to the end of the entered text to Paste, Click to Paste the text. Will be able to click Paste only once or twice, BUT if there is some text still selected in the document, then you can continue one click pasting. It is not obvious how to get the Paste/Click operation to work consistently.

      New Stylepad document: type in a line of text (only one line) notice that the last letter is cut off. By the time the new line is entered, the font is OK (not cut off any more)

      kathleen.zelony@eng 2000-10-16
      Stylepad opertations now functional.
      verified in merlinb42


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