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MediaTracker serialization spec refer package-protected field MediaEntry



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      Name: apR10100 Date: 12/13/2000

      --------------------- 1.3's MediaTracker serialized form spec

      Class java.awt.MediaTracker implements Serializable
      Serialized Fields
      java.awt.MediaEntry head
      The head of the list of Images that is being tracked by the MediaTracker.
      addImage(), removeImage()

      refer MediaEntry class, that is absent in spec. This makes serialized form of
      MediaTracker class incompatible between java implementations.

      ---------------- e-mail thread

        This interface is meant to allow any instance of a class implementing it to
        have it's state saved to and restored from a java stream.

        MediaTracker, by its nature has a very transient state, with each of the
        being tracked changing state independently of the MediaTracker object itself.
        Also, the states of these objects will very likely have no meaning after the
        deserialization of a MediaTracker, which could be at any time in the future.

        MediaTracker also relies on a linked list of abstract MediaEntry objects,
        currently with only one concrete subclass: ImageMediaEntry. While this
        also implements the serializable interface, MediaEntry does not. All of the
        state information about the tracked object is held in the MediaEntry class,
        and thus is lost on serialization. As well as the state information, the
        structure itself is held in MediaEntry, meaning that only the first added
        of the lowest ID set will be serialized at all.

        Finaly, the only object that a MediaTracker can hold is a java.awt.Image, a
        class that is not itself serializable (and nor are any of its concrete

        So, the only state in which a MediaTracker can be sucessfuly serialised is
        the one in which it contains no tracked objects, and MediaTracker does not
        implement an API which allows code to check if there are any present.

        The PJCK1.2 test for the serialization of MediaTracker:


        creates 4 Images, and one MediaTracker, does not add any of the Images to
        the MediaTracker, and then tests for the correct serialization and
        deserialization of the object, checking that the state of the tracked
        of the saved object (of which there are none) matches the state of the
        objects of the restored object (of which there are also none).

        If the Images had been added, the test would of course fail with a

        Our implementation of MediaTracker does not use MediaEntry or
        classes, adding them to our Java implementation would increase code size and
        provide no extra functionality, as they are never used, and can never be
        to a serialized stream without an exception being thrown ending the
        attempted serialization.

        However, to pass the JCK test, these classes must be added, and extra code
        added to our implementation of MediaTracker to attempt the serialization of
        instances of these classes, which must fail by throwing an exception.


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