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Swing produces input method problems under the hu_HU.ISO8859-2 locale


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        Client: Vivendi Telecom Hungary
        Site: Veszprem, Hungary
        Application: telephone directory inquery services for 1/3rd of Hungary,
        software is written in Java 1.2 with Swing classes, running on SunRays.

        Problems description:

        Java 1.2.2_06 JDK with Swing and only with Swing produces the following
        input method problems under the hu_HU.ISO8859-2 locale:

        Keys a,e,i,o,u,÷,M-^R pressed with Shift does not produce any capital
        Â,Ð,Í,Ô,õ,Ù,M-^[ letters in input fields at all. The special letters of long ÷ and
        M-^R (long umlaut o and u) pressed together with Shift - capital letters - appear
        just fine. If CapsLock is toggled, all the capital letters of Â,Ð,Í,Ô,õ,Ù,M-^[
        are shown in the input field when the corresponding keys have pressed.

        The problem was reproduced on standalone Sun workstations and on SunRays
        as well.

        Conclusion, this is not a SunRay server related bug.

        Any standard application not using Java and Swing does not produced
        the problem.

        Conclusion, this is a Java related bug.

        The same Sun JDK on Windows does not produces the problem described

        Conclusion, this is a Solaris JDK bug.

        The same application with AWT GUI elements does not produced the problem.

        Conclusion, this is a Swing bug.

        The problem does not appeared, if the capital characters have been typed into
        any non-Java text field (eg. into a text editor) than copy-pasted into the
        Java Swing text input field.

        Minimal demo application was written to test the bug, the content of the Swing
        input field was saved into a text file. This text file has not contained any
        of the typed, but not displayed capital special Hungarian characters, so it is
        not a rendering problem in the input field widget.

        The above described test shows that the problem is probably in the Solaris
        JDK Swing implementation. Since the letters appeared with CapsLock, this is
        probably a keystroke event handler bug in the Swing input method classes.

        Reproduction: you can easily reproduce the bug. You can write an approx. 10
        lines long code in Swing and in AWT with an input field and try to type there hungarian characters under hu_HU.ISO8859-2 locale and (hopefully) the problem
        will occur.


        The Solaris OS level is 8. We used Type 6 UNIX/European keyboard with the
        following keymapping modifications:
        keycode 94= 0xe1 0xc1 0x27 0x22
        keycode 93= 0xe9 0xc9 0x3b 0x3a
        keycode 49= 0xed 0xcd 0x60 0x7e
        keycode 48= 0xf3 0xd3 0x3d 0x2b
        keycode 46= 0xf6 0xd6 0x30 0x29
        keycode 47= 0xfc 0xdc 0x2d 0x5f
        keycode 71= 0xf5 0xd5 0x5b 0x7b
        keycode 95= 0xfb 0xdb 0x5c 0x7c
        keycode 72= 0xfa 0xda 0x5d 0x7d


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