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Korean/Solaris7: Korean can't dislay for Swing component,also can't input korean



      Korean dislay empty for Swing component at solaris7/sparc&i386/eucKO, also can't input korean.

      this error was found while do i18n standard cycle test at solaris7, sparc and i386 both have this problem, locale is korean/eucKO. this problem doesn't exist at solaris 6 and solaris 8 untill to recent test scope.

      the problem test cases are test/font-render/swing/three/* , which include:

      BorderFactoryTest.java JPasswordFieldTest.java
      DebugGraphicsTest.java JRadioButtonTest.java
      DefaultButtonModel_Test.java JSliderTest.java
      ImageIconTest.java JTabbedPaneTest.java
      JAppletTest.java JTableTest.java
      JButtonTest.java JTextAreaTest.java
      JCheckBoxTest.java JTextFieldTest.java
      JComboBoxTest.java JTextPaneTest.java
      JDialogTest.java JToggleButtonTest.java
      JEditorPaneTest.java JToolBarTest.java
      JFrameTest.java JToolTipTest.java
      JInternalFrameTest.java JTreeTest.java
      JLabelTest.java ProgressMonitorInputStreamTest.java
      JListTest.java ProgressMonitorTest.java
      JMenuTest.java SwingUtilitiesTest.java
      JOptionPaneTest.java UIManagerMenu.java

      please run "%./run_gs.sh standard", and let the testing continue to the above test cases, and see the problem.

      How to reproduce the error:

      1. get GlobalSuite at the following location:
      globalsuite include sh, all test cases (including the bunch of code listing above).

      2. go to expected solaris, locale and encoding environment.

      3. install ladybird rc1, the test build is b20.

      4. run globalsuite for standard cycle to find the problem.

      extract globalsuite, make sure testlistmap.properties file has jdk13 for jdkversion, then run the whole test cases for standard cycle:

      %./run_gs.sh standard

      then all test cases for standard cycle will be run, notes the problem test cases metioned above.

      if need to run the special test case directly:

      %./run_gs.sh some_problem_test_case

      notes: the bug is found during run "standard" . I also find if directly run test case, some time can't reproduct the problem.

      5. please see readme file in global suite if need more detail about global suite.

      kathy.chen@PRC 2001-04-03

      the test build is b20, all needed patch were added. problem still there. see attached snapshot.

      kathy.chen@PRC 2001-04-03

      the description before alreadly list enough information on how to reproduce the bug, what the problem is, and also snapshots. however if that's not enough please see the attachment html for some comments.

      kathy.chen@PRC 2001-04-05




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