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javac compile with Merlin b68 core dumps occasionally


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P2
    • Resolution: Not an Issue
    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: hotspot
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      Please see the attached test case and core file.

      When running gnumake build using Merlin b68, I occasionally get the following:

      gnumake build
      /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/bin/javac -d . -classpath . Tester.java Server.java
      /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/bin/rmic -d . -iiop -keepgenerated -classpath . Server
      /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/bin/javac -d . -classpath . Client.java SuperClass.java SubClass.java
      # HotSpot Virtual Machine Error, Internal Error
      # Please report this error at
      # http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
      # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.0-beta_refresh-b68 mixed mode)
      # Error ID: 53484152454432554E54494D450E43505000F6 01
      # Problematic Thread: prio=5 tid=0x29690 nid=0x1 runnable
      gnumake: *** [client] Abort (core dumped)

      I'm running Merlin b68 from /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc. Given that it's a sporatic failure, I understand that this bug may be dismissed.


      We also received a report from Rosanna Lee that tnameserv crashes with the same HotSpot error when running her JNDI CosNaming tests.

      There were no CORBA changes in Merlin b68.

      everett.anderson@Eng 2001-06-21


      It looks like I can run the test case (just the build portion) a few times and get a different HotSpot core dump. Here's the text. I'm attaching this core file and log, as well.

      eea1@nuriko /home/eea1/merlin> gnumake build
      /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/bin/javac -d . -classpath . Tester.java Server.java

      Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xFE47F30C

      Current Java thread:
              at java.util.zip.ZipFile.freeEntry(Native Method)
              at java.util.zip.ZipFile.access$700(ZipFile.java:29)
              at java.util.zip.ZipFile$2.nextElement(ZipFile.java:315)
              at java.util.zip.ZipFile$2.nextElement(ZipFile.java:314)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.ClassReader.openArchive(ClassReader.java:839)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.ClassReader.list(ClassReader.java:1033)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.ClassReader.listAll(ClassReader.java:1120)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.ClassReader.fillIn(ClassReader.java:1136)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.ClassReader.complete(ClassReader.java:900)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.code.Symbol.complete(Symbol.java:350)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.comp.Enter._case(Enter.java:439)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.tree.Tree$TopLevel.visit(Tree.java:371)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.comp.Enter.classEnter(Enter.java:406)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.comp.Enter.classEnter(Enter.java:425)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.comp.Enter.main(Enter.java:544)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.JavaCompiler.compile(JavaCompiler.java:371)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.v8.Main.compile(Main.java:420)
              - locked <f4610480> (a com.sun.tools.javac.v8.Main)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.Main.compile(Main.java:23)
              at com.sun.tools.javac.Main.main(Main.java:14)

      Dynamic libraries:
      0x10000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/bin/javac
      0xff360000 /usr/lib/libthread.so.1
      0xff3a0000 /usr/lib/libdl.so.1
      0xff280000 /usr/lib/libc.so.1
      0xff270000 /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-5_10/lib/libc_psr.so.1
      0xfe400000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/client/libjvm.so
      0xff220000 /usr/lib/libCrun.so.1
      0xff200000 /usr/lib/libsocket.so.1
      0xff100000 /usr/lib/libnsl.so.1
      0xff1c0000 /usr/lib/libm.so.1
      0xff340000 /usr/lib/libw.so.1
      0xff0e0000 /usr/lib/libmp.so.2
      0xff0b0000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/native_threads/libhpi.so
      0xff070000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/libverify.so
      0xff030000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/libjava.so
      0xfe7e0000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/libzip.so
      0xfe110000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/libnio.so
      0xfe0f0000 /usr/lib/libposix4.so.1
      0xfcbd0000 /usr/local/java/jdk1.4/solsparc/jre/lib/sparc/libnet.so
      0xfe0d0000 /usr/lib/libaio.so.1

      Local Time = Thu Jun 21 10:38:44 2001
      Elapsed Time = 4
      # HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
      # Error ID : 4F530E43505002D7 01
      # Please report this error at
      # http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi
      # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.0-beta_refresh-b68 mixed mode)
      # An error report file has been saved as hs_err_pid19294.log.
      # Please refer to the file for further information.
      gnumake: *** [server] Abort (core dumped)

      everett.anderson@Eng 2001-06-21




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