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Focus Problem: JMenu with mnemonic + holizontal allow key can't work on swing te


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      x86, sparc
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      solaris, windows_2000
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      Tested with Merlin beta-refresh b68 on Solaris8,9/Sparc ja locale and Windows2000 and Windows98;

      JMenu with mnemonic + holizontal allow key can't work properly on swing text component.
      For example,
      opening "File" menu with "Alt + F" and trying to re-select other JMenu, "Edit" menu with horizontal allow key, "Edit" menu can be opened, however, a focus is no more on the menu, but moves onto the text component.
      Therefore, any menu item of "Edit" menu can not be selected with vertical allow keys.

      For example,

      1. Compile attached program, JTextAreaTest.java and UIManager.java
      2. Launch JTextAreaTest.
      3. Press "Alt + F" keys to open "File" menu.
      4. Press a right allow key to select "Edit" menu.
         Then, "Edit" menu is opened, however, a focus moved onto JTextArea and cursol is now on the JTextArea, therefore, any menu items of "Edit" menu can not be selected.

      JTextFieldTest.java is also attached and this problem is reproducible with JTextFieldTest.

      This is not reproducible with Merlin-beta and jdk1.3.1.
      Therefore, this is a regression.
      This is reproducible on C locale.


      Testing with b74, I confirmed that this bug is not reproducible on Solaris8, 9 Sparc.

      However, I confirmed that the problem is still reproducible on Windows 98 and 2000 only with Windows L&F.
      (not reproducible with Metal or CDE/Motif L&F).

      miki.tokunaga@japan 2001-08-03


      Regarding the problem that this bug still occurs on Windows using Windows L&F;

      Testing with b75 on WinNT, 2K, ME and 98 using Windows L&F, it turned out that this problem does not occur only on Windows NT, but occurs on Win2K, ME and 98.

      Therefore, this is not verified completely.

      ###@###.### 2001-08-15


      I confirmed that this is not reproducible on Solaris8/Sparc, Solaris8/X86 and RH linux 7.1 with b79.

      However, as same as in b75, this problem still occurs on 2K, ME and 98 using Windows L&F, but does not occur on WinNT.
      This is seen also on Win XP.

      Therefore, this is not verified completely.

      ###@###.### 2001-09-14


      Testing with b80 on Windows ME, 2k, XP and 98, I confirmed that the problem with Windows L&F which was seen until b79 on most version of Windows is not reproducible any more.
      This bug's fix is verified.

      ###@###.### 2001-09-20


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