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iexplorer 5.0/5.5 hangs using JPI 1.3.0_03


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        Customer Problem Description:

        java version "1.3.0_03"
        Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.3.0_03)
        Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.3.0_03, mixed mode)


        On multiple WinNT systems, the plugin( 1.3.0_03/1.3.0_04 JRE ) locks up
        iexplorer 5.0/5.5 within 10 minutes without further intervention.

        We've been trying to reproduce via simpler scenarios.
        1) Please try loading the page:


        repeatedly and you should pretty soon lock up IE 5.0/5.5. It doesn't require any interaction.

        2) Please navigate to the page:


        In IE5, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes during hours where it's being
        updated and IE will lock-up, crash, or just disappear.

        In IE5.5, lockups will happen as before, although the circumstances are
        varied. It seems to occur with greater frequency:

         1. On machines with less memory. We have 256 and 512 meg systems in
         house. It happens more frequently on the 256 meg systesm
         2. When navigating immediately after the page is loaded. Navigating
         generally means applets are starting and stopping in rapid succession.

          To do this, launch a browser from the link above.
          After the page initially begins loading you will see a Nav menu at
         the top left that looks like:


        Switching between pages will usually cause a lockup. It does seem
         to be related to an initialization issue.
          If you wait 10 of 15 seconds for the page to load you can generally
         switch readily thereafter.

        After about 5 browser sessions, I was able to get browser to hang by
        clicking in order the "Energy", "FX", "Emerging Markets", and finally,
        "Equities" Navigation commands as soon as the browser showed the menu. I
        don't believe the order in which these are invoked matters.

        It does seem significant, however, that I've only seen these lockups under
        5.5 during the first minute or so after the session has been established -
        i.e., the first loading of a page with an object tag that causes the JRE to
        load and the console window to pop-up. Afterwards, it seems pretty durable
        regardless of the amount of navigation performed.

        Attached is the plugin trace file.


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