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Uninstall shield for j2re bundled in j2sdk can't work on WinodwsME



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      Testing with b77, it turns out that uninstall shield for j2re bundled in j2sdk can't work on WinodwsME and it can't be uninstalled.
      (Bundle used: j2sdk-1_4_0-beta2-bin-b77-win-17_aug_2001.exe)

      Trying to unisntall j2re from ControlPanel on WindowsME, an error dialog comes up and says that an error occurs in uninstalling j2re and it may have been deleted already and ask if it is ok that j2re is deleted from the list for "install/uninstall".
      Clicking "OK" button, the dialog disappears and j2re is deleted from the list, however, j2re is not uninstalled actually.

      This problem is not reproducible on Windows98, 2000 and NT.

      Uninstall shield for J2sdk works and j2sdk can be uninstalled properly.
      UninstallShield for J2re installed by j2re-i install bundle also works and can be uninstalled.
      (Bundle: j2re-1_4_0-beta2-bin-b77-win-i-17_aug_2001.exe)
      So, it can be said that a workaround as below is available;
      - installing j2re by j2re-i install bundle over j2re installed by j2sdk install bundle and uninstalling it.

      This problem first appears in b71, which 4492166 also first apperas.
      (* 4492166 is also a bug for uninstall shield for j2re bundled in j2sdk)


      The fix of this bug is not verified with b78.
      Another new problem appears in b78.

      Installing J2sdk using j2sdk-1_4_0-beta3-bin-b78-win-27_aug_2001.exe on WinME,
      j2re is not installed under "Program Files\JavaSoft....." and "Java 2 Runtime Enviroment" is not listed in "Contorol Panel->Add or Remove Programs".
      Therefore, j2re can not be removed and it is impossible to verify the fix.

      * JaWS is also not installed under "Program Files\Java Web Start"
      * J2sdk is installed, however, j2sdk's product name can not be got and
      a string "PRODUCT_NAME" is used on InstallShield.
      And "PRODUCT_NAME" is listed in "Contorol Panel->Add or Remove Programs" instead of "Java 2 SDK Standard Edition V1.4".
      Selecting "PRODUCT_NAME" and trying to remove it, it dissappears from the list and j2sdk is actually removed.

      I saw the same problem as above occurs on Windows98.
      I'll file this problem as a new bug.

      ###@###.### 2001-09-04


      One difference between b77 and b78 is where j2sdk is installed.

      b77: j2sdk can be installed in the default directory, C:\jdk1.4.
      b78: j2sdk can not be installed in the default drive due to the disk limitation, so I select another drive.

      So I can not confirm how the phenomon is in case of installing the default directory.

      ###@###.### 2001-09-04


      *This is a NOTE for correcting the information above*

      It turned out that it is not due to the disk size limtation, but the wrong description of the path which is defined for the installed directory by default as below;

      C:\j2sdk1.4.0-beta3PRODUCT_NAME=Java 2 SDK Standard Edition v1.4.0-beta3 ERROR_UNINSTSETUP=

      * Japanese strings which means that initializing the setting for uninstalling fails and this product can't be uninstalled follows the string above.

      Specifying a proper path, J2sdk can be installed on the default drive.

      ###@###.### 2001-09-05


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