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(cs) Charset API redesign



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: P2
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Component/s: core-libs
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      generic, sparc
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      generic, solaris_7


      The NIO charset API is being redesigned in order to address significant
      performance problems and feature requests. This bug is to track those changes
      and summarize them when they're complete.

      -- ###@###.### 2001/9/17

      Summary of changes (see the JSR-51 / J2SE 1.4-beta3 spec for details):

       - Defined the CoderResult class, a typesafe enumeration for reporting coder
          results. The encode and decode methods, as well as the flush() methods,
          now return instances of this class rather than throw exceptions. This
          change supports coders that are easier to use and reason about, and are
          significantly faster.

       - Renamed substitution to replacement, which is more in line with the Unicode
          specification (and is also easier to spell). The replacement is returned
          by the replacement method and changed by the replaceWith method.

       - Generalized the handling of replacements so that separate actions can be
          specified for malformed-input vs. unmappable-character errors. The action
          to be taken when an error is encountered is specified by an instance of the
          CodingErrorAction class, which is a simple typesafe enumeration. The
          actions are specified via the onMalformedInput and onUnmappableCharacter
          methods; their current values may be retrieved via the malformedInputAction
          and unmappableCharacterAction methods.

       - Defined charset methods in the coder classes so that the charset that
          created a coder may be retrieved from the coder itself.

       - Added protected methods to better support subclasses: implReset, implFlush,
          implReplaceWith, implOnMalformedInput, and implOnUnmappableCharacter.
          These methods are invoked by the corresponding public methods after the
          public methods validate coder state and any arguments. Their default
          implementations do nothing. The implReset and implFlush methods were also
          required in order to implement coder state checking, i.e. the throwing of
          illegal-argument exceptions when a coder is used in a manner contrary to
          the specified coding-operation sequence.

       - Cleaned up the API for auto-detecting charsets in CharsetDecoder by adding
          the isAutoDetecting and isCharsetDetected methods and making
          detectedCharset an optional operation.

       - Defined the isLegalReplacement method in CharsetEncoder so that a
          replacement may be tested for validity without causing an exception to be

       - Revised UnmappableCharacterException to report the number of input units
          that denote the unmappable character.

      -- ###@###.### 2001/10/3


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