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Customer seeing a crash while running BEA Weblogic in "-client" with new baselin



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P2
    • Resolution: Not an Issue
    • Affects Version/s: 1.3.1_02
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: hotspot
    • Subcomponent:
    • CPU:
    • OS:


      Customer seeing a crash while running BEA Weblogic in "-client" with new/latest baseline 1.3.1_02_VERIZON-001. This core dump happened twice, one on Dec 18th, the second on Dec 19th.

      The symptons are the same -- none of the app servers stopped running or being
      restarted as I checked through all log files.
      Also included are the logs for a server hanging that was taken place on
      Dec 20th. We are running the alternative thread library as suggested together
      with -client option on the New Baseline 1.3.1_02_VERIZON-001. This thread
      missing is not related to the core file.

      core dump stack trace:
      >libthread.so.1`__sigprocmask+8(ff36c340, 0, 0, b8001d78, ff37e000, 0)
      >libthread.so.1`_sigon+0xd0(b8001d78, ff385980, 6, b7ffe914, b8001d78,
      >libthread.so.1`_thrp_kill+0xf8(0, 42, 6, ff37e000, 42, ff2bc480)
      >libc.so.1`raise+0x40(6, 0, 0, ffffffff, ff2bc3ec, b7ffea68)
      >libc.so.1`abort+0x100(ff2b8000, b7ffea68, 0, fffffff8, 4, b7ffea89)
      >libjvm.so`__1cCosFabort6Fl_v_+0xb8(1, fe490000, 1, ff38b210, 0, 0)
      >libjvm.so`exception_handler_during_fatal_error+0x14(b, fe490000, b7ffed20,
      >ff37e000, b8001e10, b8001e00)
      >libthread.so.1`__libthread_segvhdlr+0xe4(b, b7ffefd8, b7ffed20, ff37e000, b,
      >libthread.so.1`__sighndlr+0xc(b, b7ffefd8, b7ffed20, ff368f78, b8001e10,
      >libthread.so.1`sigacthandler+0x704(b, b8001d78, 0, 0, 0, ff37e000)
      >0xfaceb854(c4f2af58, 0, 0, f6800670, c4f2b0b8, c4f2b058)
      >0xfac5397c(c4f2af58, f6849380, 0, c4f2f2f0, f6800670, 0)
      >0xfac0d1d0(f6849380, c4f2af58, 0, d85cc, cd000, 109a0)
      >0xcf520(b7fff264, f693b8e0, 0, daef8, 8, b7fff170)
      >0xcf4fc(b7fff2f4, b7fff368, b7fff36c, dafd4, 4, b7fff1f0)
      >0xcf4fc(b7fff36c, fe490000, cf528, dafcc, 4, b7fff288)
      >libjvm.so`__1cMStubRoutinesG_code1_+0x3f4(b7fff3f8, fe49de80, a, f6962fb8,
      >llArguments_pnGThread__v_+0x30c(fe49de78, fe490000, b7fff4b4, 6e0ab0, d134c,
      >dle_nGHandle_pnGThread__v_+0xd4(6e0ab0, b7fff550, b7fff54c, 6e0ab0,
      >f6967bf0, 26)
      >libjvm.so`JVM_NewInstance+0xc34(c4f2aec0, 6e0ab0, 6e0b34, fe490000,
      >f6967be8, 0)
      >0xd2304(b7fff6d4, b7fff760, b7fff764, d83c0, 0, 109a0)
      >0xcf520(b7fff764, 3c, b7fff7f4, dafcc, 4, b7fff670)
      >0xcf520(b7fff7f8, 1e8, 0, db0a0, 4, b7fff6f0)
      >0xcf4fc(b7fff904, b7fffc78, 6e0ab0, dafcc, 8, b7fff788)
      >0xcf520(b7fff9a4, b7fffc78, 6e0ab0, d8be8, 8, b7fff8a0)
      >0xcf520(b7fffa40, f767ae00, 6e0ab0, d8b10, 8, b7fff938)
      >0xcf688(b7fffad4, b7fffc78, 6e0ab0, d8d98, 8, b7fff9d8)
      >0xcf520(b7fffb74, b7fffc78, 6e0ab0, d8be8, 8, b7fffa70)
      >0xcf520(b7fffc0c, fe490000, b80019c0, d8b10, 8, b7fffb08)
      >libjvm.so`__1cMStubRoutinesG_code1_+0x3f4(b7fffc98, b7fffe00, a, f794ca88,
      >llArguments_pnGThread__v_+0x30c(b7fffdf8, fe490000, b7fffe68, 6e0ab0, d134c,
      >pnGThread__v_+0x2c(b7fffdf8, b7fffdf4, b7fffe68, 6e0ab0, b7fffee0, 6e0ab0)
      >fe490000, 6e0ab0, b7fffe68, c)
      >e_pnGThread__2_+0x2b8(f794ca88, 0, b8000048, 6e0ab0, b800004c, 1b)
      >libjvm.so`JVM_InvokeMethod+0x174(fe4a56a0, c3ffd7e0, c3ff4cf8, 6e0ab0,
      >libjava.so`Java_java_lang_reflect_Method_invoke+0x10(6e0b34, b80001ac,
      >b80001a8, b80001a4, 0, 0)
      >0xd2304(b80001ac, fe490000, b80019c0, dafcc, 0, 109a0)
      >0xcf520(b800025c, f8051928, 0, daef8, c, b8000140)
      >0xcf688(b800031c, b80003a8, b80003ac, db164, 14, b80001e8)
      >0xcf520(b80003bc, fe490000, b80019c0, dafcc, 14, b80002b0)
      >0xcf520(b8000484, f775a770, b8000528, dadf0, 14, b8000350)
      >0xcf688(b800053c, c3f77598, 0, db164, 14, b80003f0)
      >0xcf520(b80005dc, 248, b80019c0, daef8, 18, b80004c8)
      >0xcf520(b800067c, b80019c0, 6e0ab0, d8b10, 14, b8000568)
      >0xcf520(b8000744, b80019c0, 6e0ab0, d8b10, 8, b8000610)
      >0xcf520(b80007e4, b80019c0, 6e0ab0, d8b10, 10, b80006d8)
      >0xcf520(b800087c, c26c9f50, 0, d8b10, 10, b8000778)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000914, c26c9a00, 0, dadf0, 10, b8000810)
      >0xcf4fc(b80009c4, b80019c0, 6e0ab0, dadf0, 10, b80008a8)
      >0xcf520(b8000aa4, b8000b20, b8000b24, d8b10, 4, b8000948)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000b2c, b8000ba8, b8000bac, dadf0, c, b8000a38)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000bb4, f6e6d888, b8000c74, dadf0, c, b8000ac8)
      >0xcf664(b8000c7c, b8000c80, b8000c80, db164, c, b8000b48)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000d44, f7be0b68, 0, daef8, c, b8000c08)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000e14, b8000e88, b8000e8c, daef8, c, b8000cd8)
      >0xcf4fc(b8000e94, f708ed08, b8000f28, dadf0, 10, b8000da8)
      >0xcf664(b8000f2c, 1bc, b80019c0, db164, c, b8000e30)
      >0xcf4fc(b8001004, b8001080, b8001084, d8b10, 8, b8000eb0)
      >0xcf4fc(b800108c, b8001108, b800110c, dadf0, c, b8000f98)
      >0xcf4fc(b8001114, f6e6d888, b80011cc, dadf0, c, b8001028)
      >0xcf664(b80011d4, 10, b8001264, db164, c, b80010a8)
      >0xcf4fc(b800126c, f708ed08, b80012ec, daef8, c, b8001168)
      >0xcf664(b80012f4, b8001368, b800136c, db164, c, b8001208)
      >0xcf4fc(b8001374, b80013f0, b80013f4, db0a0, c, b8001290)
      >0xcf4fc(b80013fc, c0ff7320, 0, dadf0, c, b8001310)
      >0xcf4fc(b800149c, b8001528, b800152c, daef8, c, b8001390)
      >0xcf4fc(b8001534, c0bb9bf0, b80015c4, dadf0, c, b8001430)
      >0xcf4fc(b80015cc, b8001650, b8001654, dadf0, c, b80014c0)
      >0xcf4fc(b800165c, f6e6d888, b8001714, dadf0, c, b8001568)
      >0xcf664(b800171c, f68fa6c0, d7820260, db164, c, b80015f0)
      >0xcf4fc(b80017b4, b8001834, b8001838, daef8, c, b80016b0)
      >0xcf4fc(b800183c, f68ee330, b80018c8, daef8, c, b8001750)
      >0xcf664(b80018cc, 1, b80018d0, db164, 8, b80017d8)
      >0xcf4fc(b8001954, 1, fe49dd08, daef8, 8, b8001860)
      >libjvm.so`__1cMStubRoutinesG_code1_+0x3f4(b80019e0, b8001c18, a, f6be6248,
      >llArguments_pnGThread__v_+0x30c(b8001c10, fe490000, b8001b5c, 6e0ab0, d134c,
      >ndle_4pnRJavaCallArguments_pnGThread__v_+0x150(f6be6460, b8001b48, b8001b4c,
      >fe490000, b8001c10, b8001b5c)
      >MsymbolHandle_5pnGThread__v_+0x60(b8001c10, b8001c0c, b8001c08, b8001bfc,
      >b8001bf4, 6e0ab0)
      >6e0ab0, fe490000, fe490000, 3, 6e0ab0)
      >libjvm.so`__1cKJavaThreadDrun6M_v_+0x3dc(b7f82000, fe49b0dc, fe490000,
      >6e0ab0, 80000)
      >libjvm.so`_start+0x20(fe490000, ff325d18, 0, 5, 1, fe401000)
      >libthread.so.1`_thread_start+0x40(6e0ab0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)




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