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COMPATIBILITY: Wrong width and height parameter given to applets


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.1
    • Fix Version/s: 1.4.1
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      Tested in IE 5 on Windows2000, but I believe the same is an issue at least for
      XP. too.

      The problem is, starting with Hopper build 11, if the applet is created within
      <div ... style="visibility: hidden">, the Applet is first created with size
      of (1,1) or (0,0) regardless of what parameters are passed in html file.

      We believe what happens is EmbeddedFrame is created of the wrong size, then
      from AxControl.cpp via
      plugin.viewer.frame.IExplorerEmbeddedFrame.setFrameSize() these wrong
      parameters are passed to sun.plugin.AppletViewer, and from there to applet.

      This way, if the applet creates some sort of BufferedImage on initialization,
      the image is created of the wrong size, and this way it seems like Applet is not
      painting itself.

      After the applet is shown, it is resized correctly, but the image is already
      created of the wrong size, since most applets are not prepared to being resized.

      Attached are the following files:
      test2.java: an applet that does nothing but reports its width and height
      parameters in start() method.
      test.html: "bad" html that contains hidden style.
      test1.html: "good" html that doesn't contain that style.

      In Hopper b10 the results of test.html and test1.html are the same, in Hopper
      b11 or later only test1 reports correctly.

      This bug is causing the following compatibility failures:

      From location: http://www.real.com/games/webgames/index.html
      Go with The Flow
      Find the Difference Animal
      Find the Difference Art
      Find the Difference International - this applet passed with build 11.
      Find the Difference Nature

      The following applets were verified as passing by Keylabs on Hopper RC build 19:

      Find the difference Art
      Find the difference Animal
      Find the difference International
      Find the difference Nature
      Go with the Flow

      ###@###.### 2002-08-14


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