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(coll) Comparator, Comparable, Identity, and Equivalence


    • Type: Enhancement
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.1, 1.4.2
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      The Object methods equals and hashValue define an equivalence relation
      among objects. Similarly, the Comparable method compareTo defines an ordering.

      The Comparator interface defines a way to impose an external ordering among
      objects. Why isn't there similarly a way to impose an external equivalence
      relation among objects?

      I have some nontrivial applications in which I'd like to look at a set of
      objects from different points of view (that is, under different equivalence
      relations at different points in my code), but the absence of an externally
      imposable equivalence relation forces me to wrap all the objects in order
      to view them under a different equivlence relation. If I'm lucky then the
      two default equivalence relations (identity and natural) may be just what I
      need, but I suspect not.

      If there were an externally imposable equivalence relation, it would be
      an interface with two methods:
           interface Equivalence {
      int hashValue(Object);
      boolean equals(Object, Object);

      Two standard (and trivial) instances would be provided: the identity
      equivalence relation and the natural equivalence relation.

      I believe separating things this way makes it much easier to have a number
      of interesting variants on maps and sets without providing wholly new
      implementations. If the constructors are static factories, we would still
      have the flexibility to fully specialize the implementation for performance
      when one of the two standard equivalence relations is given to the static

      This kind of functionality can be added without making any of the existing
      classes obsolete.


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