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JCK1.4a-runtime api/javax_swing/interactive/JPMenuTests.html#JPMenuTests fails



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      x86, sparc, itanium
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      linux, solaris_8, solaris_9, windows_2000


      Name: iaR10016 Date: 11/28/2002

      Filed By : J2SE-SQA [###@###.###
      JDK : JDK1.4.2-b08, JDK1.4.0, JDK1.4.1
      JCK : JCK1.4a-runtime
      Platform[s] : RedHat Linux 7.3 (GNOME), Windows 2000, Solaris 9 (sparc) (CDE), Solaris 8 (x86)
      switch/Mode : default
      JCK test owner : http://javaweb.eng/jck/usr/owners.jto
      Falling test[s]: api/javax_swing/interactive/JPMenuTests.html#JPMenuTests
                       [JPMenuTests0006, JPMenuTests0007, JPMenuTests0008]

      JCK1.4a-runtime api/javax_swing/interactive/JPMenuTests.html#JPMenuTests test
      fails with JDK1.4.0, JDK1.4.1, JDK1.4.2.

      JPopupMenu.setLocation(int, int), JPopupMenu.setPopupSize(int, int) and
      JPopupMenu.setPopupSize(Dimention) methods do not work as expected when their integer
      parameters are big enough.

      Please run api/javax_swing/interactive/JPMenuTests.html#JPMenuTests test on RedHat Linux
      (GNOME) with JDK1.4.2-b08. Here are examples of incorrect JPopupMenu behaviour:

      1. Testcases JPMenuTests0007, JPMenuTests0008 test JPopupMenu.setPopupSize(int, int) and
      JPopupMenu.setPopupSize(Dimention) methods correspondingly. If JPopupMenu size is less then
      screen size (for example, 100), it behaves correctly: it has correct width and height
      and appears in the place where mouse pointer is located.

      In testcase JPMenu0007 set Width to 2147483647 (max integer number). Right-click mouse on
      tested panel several times. The JPopupMenu is redrawn incorrectly or sometimes does not appear.

      Set Width to 10000 and right-click on the tested panel. JPopupMenu width is more then the tested
      panel width, so the menu left upper corner is located at the left border of the screen. It is OK.
      Now set Width to 100 (as at the begining of the testing). It is expected that the menu left upper
      corner will appear inside the tested panel, but actually it is outside the panel - it is still
      located at the left screen border. If you right-click once more, the location of JPopupMenu
      becomes correct.

      2. Testcase JPMenuTests0006 tests JPopupMenu.setLocation(int, int) method.
      Please, set XCoord and YCoord parameters to 10000 (it is more then the screen size) and then
      right-click on tested panel. JPopupMenu appears in the right bottom corner of the screen. Now set
      XCoord and YCoord to 2147483647 (max integer number). It is expected that the JPopupMenu will
      appear in the right bottom corner too, bat actually it is in the upper left corner now.

      Test source location:

      jtr file location:

      How to reproduce:
      Run the following script (you may need to change its variables)

      --- script start ---
      export CLASSPATH="$JCK/classes:$JCK/lib/javatest.jar"
      $JDK/bin/java javasoft.sqe.tests.api.javax.swing.interactive.JPMenu.JPMenuTests -TestCaseID JPMenuTests0007 JPMenuTests0008 JPMenuTests0006
      --- script end ---

      Specific machine info:
      Hostname: linux-19
      OS: RedHat Linux 7.3 (GNOME)

      Hostname: linux-2
      OS: Windows 2000

      Hostname: linux-10
      OS: Solaris 8 (x86)

      Hostname: novo48
      OS: Solaris 9 (sparc) (CDE)

      ###@###.### 10/13/04 17:27 GMT


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