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Mantis Uninstallation fails on NT SP6 with system files locked message.


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      J2RE 1.4.2 beta build 09 failed during Unstallation.This behaviour is noticed on windows NT SP6 with IE5.0,IE5.5,IE6.0 installed, also the behaviour is noticed on the unsupprted platform windows 95/IE6 for installation and Uninstallation.

      Here is the Uninstall scenario

      (steps to reproduce)
      1. Install Mantis J2RE 1.4.2 beta build 09 on NT SP6
      2. Installation proceeds as normal and click finish.
      3. Open the windows Control Panel -> add remove programs -> choose J2RE1.4.2
        -> remove ( donot close windows control panel)
      4. UnInstaller pops up the message with a message System Files Locked, and Installsheid message id 2809, also some irrelavent message strings (push button1 and push button 2 is also seen on the popup dialog)

      ( I am attaching the messages screen capture files with this bugid)

      FYI.I have also noticed some wierd behaviour on one of the lab machines ( not able to reproduce on all the NT machines) during the installation, sometimes the installation is done successfully but none of the registry keys are created (though the binaries are copied successfully into the program files directory) control panel is not copied into windows system directory.(This problem is not consistent across all the machines that I have tested) ..

      on Windows 95 , (Unsupported platform ) the installation fails and gives the same message as mentioned above(attached are the error message screen shots)

      Tested_Java_Release : Mantis beta Build 09 f
      Tested_Java_Release : Mantis beta
      Tested_Build : J2RE.exe
      Tested_Build_Location : /java/re/jdk/1.4.2/promoted/bundles
      Test_Location : see steps to reproduce above
      Tested_Machine_Name : sqe-jpi-03,realmadrid
      Testted O/S : WIndows NT SP6
      Tested_ Browsers : IE5.x


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