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JTable does not receive keyboard focus


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      This is a win.x , jdk 1.3.1_x problem only.
      It is not reproduceable with 1.4.x or on Solaris with 1.3.x or 1.4.x

      Customer has written a small testapp with two tabs, on jtable on the first tab, 2 jtables on the second tab.

      you can add rows with the add button. If you only add rows without entering a value it happens that on the second tab the left jtable gets unresponsive for tab or arrow keys which should move between the rows. In fact the focus stays in the right jtable or even in the first tab.

      I have reproduced it with 1.3.1_06.

      Follow these steps to reproduce:

      I used win 98. Customer uses win nt.

      start the app [compile and run FocusTest.java] with a 1.3.1_x version.

      You see two tabs. Single and Double. Click on add. A new row occurs. Click on add again. A dialog appears saying you should have entered a value. Click with the mouse. Don't use the keyboard at all.
      repeat until you have 3 rows. then goto the double tab.
      repeat the add 3 times for the left and 3 times for the right jtable.
      Then as you have added the last row in the right jtable press the cursor up key.
      you will get the dialog box again.
      you can move with tab or the cursor keys between the rows.
      goto the single tab. click with the mouse and enter chars.
      goto the second tab.
      click with the mouse on the left jtable. you see the row is selected but if you type chars they will be entered into the single tab row.
      Same happens if you enter chars in the double right tab.
      If you then click on a row in the left jtable the chars are still inserted in the right jtable.




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