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Insufficient JRE update releases for auto-download


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      Currently the we only have JRE 1.3.0_02, 1.4.0, 1.4.1 for auto-download via Java Web Start.

      Customers are requesting badly for the avaliabilty of auto-download for other update releases, as update releases contain important bug fixes for them.

      See the attached email from NTT data:

      From: Hiroshi TOKUDA <###@###.###>
      To: ###@###.###
      Subject: Java Web Start Feedback - <###@###.###>
      Name: Hiroshi TOKUDA

      E-mail Address: ###@###.###
      General: Dear Java Web Start Team

      Now we are developing a G2C application for a
      certain Ministry of Japan. We adopt Java
      Application (with Java Web Start) as the platform
      for our application.

      We plan to use an excellent function of the Java
      Web Start which enables us to designate a specific
      JDK version for our application in a JNLP
      configuration file. It emancipates us developers
      from problems caused by the variety of JDK
      versions installed on the client machines.

      We would like to take advantage of the function
      that automatically installs corresponding version
      of JDK on Windows clients if they don't have the
      version of JDK.

      For several reasons such as surrounding systems
      and existing libraries, we have no choice but to
      select JDK 1.3 series as the version written

      We tried using automatic download function and
      found that JRE 1.3 was successfully downloaded.
      We, however, found a problem on JRE minor version

      Though we expect Java Web Start to install JRE
      1.3.1_07, JRE 1.3.1_02 is downloaded from Sun site

      Because our application will diffuse JDK to many
      and unspecified clients, and older releases of JRE
      1.3.1 have significant security halls that will
      cause serious problems in the future, we hope that
      latest minor version of JRE 1.3 will be

      Security savant Dr. Hiromitsu Takagi who has ever
      officially denounced several governmental systems
      for security halls also pay attention to Java Web
      Start. We appreciate if you could kindly accept
      our request to update the JRE versions to provide
      more quality and convenience.

      Platform: Win2000 WinXP-Professional-Edition
      Browser: IE6
      JRE version: JRE1.3.1_07
      JNLP location: none
      Error messages: none
      Instructions to reproduce the problem: Normal x86 arch machine


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