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Browser crashes with page switch or when refresh/reload in browser is exercised.


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      windows_nt, windows_2000


      Browser crashes when moved from html pages running the applet to a different page(page switch is done automatically or when the pages are refreshed in the browser.)

      Here is the typical customer scenario , one of the usecase for this scenario could be "bidding" where every page could be refreshed or redirected at certain intervals of time.(the page switch is done automatically with this scenario)

      Here are the 2 different scenarios to reproduce the problem.

      Scenario #1
      1. Install Tiger 1.5.0
      2. Load the following applet
      3. wait for few seconds browser crashes.

      Scenario #2
      1. Install Tiger 1.5.0
      2. Load the following applet
      3. the applet loads and loads another applet(html page) automatically after
         some time, that inturn loads another applet after some amount time
         (The Intervals provided here are enough to load the applet and the applets
           in each page are loaded)
      4. crashes the browser during the page switch.

      There might be applets and frames in html pages uses the refresh to periodically and this might lead to crash.

      The problem was intially noticed when try to type different URL in the browser while the applet is running , which leads to crash , this was hard to reproduce manually due to the timing and other issues.refresh / reload (OR) page switch automatically was very consistent in reproducing the problem.

      This will be a scenario when applets are used in bidding sites or automatic reload or redirect hosting.I suspect is with the page switch , the crasher happens after destroying the applet and joining the threadm, this was the message when debugging is switched on and looked in the trace.

      This bug is noticed on all windows platforms on IE and Netscape 4.x / Netscape 7 /mozilla browsers.


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