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enabling/disabling of SingleStep on a running java thread causes crash


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        Name: pvR10198 Date: 07/15/2004

        Tests : nsk/jvmti/scenarios/hotswap/HS101/hs101t003
        Mode : generic
        Platform : generic
        OS : generic
        JDK : 1.5.0-beta3-b57

        The tests use the same HotSwap agent which source code can be found
        at GammaBase/Bugs/<this bug number>/share/jvmti/hotswap directory.

        Debuggee part of the tests exercise some methods in a tight loop
        while the agent periodically redefines classes of specified
        package which include the exercised methods.

        The agent behavior can be controlled by the following options
        which are set in cfg-file of the tests:

                specify number of attempts to redefine classes,
                10 by default

                specify sampling interval in milleseconds,
                100 by default

                specify prefix used to filter the classes to be redefined,
                nsk/jvmti/scenarios/hotswap by default

                specify max number of classes to be redefined,
                100 by default

                compiled - SingleStep is disabled,
                interpreted - SingleStep is enabled,
                mixed - enable/disable SingleStep after each redefining;
                compiled mode is used by default

                emcp - redefine classes with the same bytecodes,
                call - instrument method entries, alloc - instrument allocations;
                ecmp is used by default

                if = 0, redefine asynchronously from agent thread,
                if > 0, redefine synchronously within every n-th Exception event;
                0 by default

        All the hotswap scenarios tests which use the agent in the mixed mode
        occasionally crash. None of the other hotswap scenarios tests (which use
        the agent in compiled or interpreted mode) crash.

        Please note, that compiled, interpreted, or mixed mode of the agent
        does not mean that VM is operated in compiled, interpreted, or mixed mode;
        they are only agent's testing approaches (see the above list of options).

        The crashes are not consistent, but happen very often in all the above
        mention tests.

        To reproduce the tests failure run doit.sh script in
        GammaBase/Bugs/<this bug number>/<testname> directory:

            sh doit.sh <JAVA_HOME> <java_options>

        The tests crash with:


            hs101t003: -client -Xcomp (linux)

            hs101t006: -client -Xcomp (linux)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparcv9)

        (2) assert(m->is_perm(),"bad methodOop in interpreter frame")
            at frame.cpp, 288

            hs101t003: -client -Xmixed (linux)
                       -client -Xcomp (sparc, linux)
                       -server -Xmixed (sparc, linux, win32)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparc)

            hs101t006: -client -Xmixed (sparc, solx86, linux, win32)
                       -client -Xcomp (sparc, solx86, linux, win32)
                       -server -Xmixed (sparc, sparcv9, solx86, linux, win32)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparc, sparcv9, solx86, linux, win32)

            hs102t002: -server -Xmixed (sparcv9)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparcv9)

        (3) Internal Error (4652414D453F53504152430E4350500211 01)
            that means frame_sparc.cpp, 529

            hs101t006: -client -Xcomp (sparc)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparc)

            hs102t002: -client -Xmixed (sparc)
                       -client -Xcomp (sparc)
                       -server -Xmixed (sparc)
                       -server -Xcomp (sparc)

        (4) Error: only current thread can flush its registers
            at frame_sparc.cpp, 529

            hs101t003: -server -Xmixed (sparc)

            hs101t006: -server -Xint (sparc)

            hs102t002: -client -Xmixed (sparc)
                       -client -Xcomp (sparc)

        (5) assert(is_native() && bcp == code_base() || contains(bcp),"bcp doesn't belong to this method")
            at methodOop.cpp, 133

            hs101t003: -client -Xmixed (win32)
                       -server -Xmixed (sparc)

        (6) Internal Error (4E4D4554484F440E43505001BF)
            that means nmethod.cpp, 447

            hs102t002: -client -Xmixed (solx86, linux, win32)
                       -server -Xmixed (solx86, linux, win32)

        (7) Error: scope must be present
            at nmethod.cpp, 447

            hs102t002: -client -Xmixed (solx86, linux, win32)
                       -server -Xmixed (solx86, linux, win32)



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