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Sub-menus in a popup menu are not traversable through keyboard, on Solaris


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      I am showing an AWT popup menu when the user clicks right mouse button inside a text area. Each menu item in the popup menu has a sub-menu. When the popup menu is shown, I am moving mouse over all the menu items. I am clicking the mouse and releasing it on the menu item 'Menu 20'. Now I am traversing through the menu items through keyboard. Press up/down arrow keys so that 'Menu 20' gets highlighted. Press the Right arrow to bring up the sub-menu. But the sub-menu is not shown.

      This happens only when the mouse is clicked and released on a menu-item before the key traversal. If you continue to repeat the above steps for other menu items, those items also will not show the sub-menus when traversed through the keys.

      This is noticed on Solaris9, 10 with CDE. This is reproducible since Tiger-b49 and not before since the above operation was causing a VM crash (5021183). This is also reproducible on X86 Solaris10 with JDS. Typically all the menu-tems in the popup menu must be traversible through keyboard.

      To reproduce this bug, do the following:
      1. Run the attached code on Solaris-Sparc or X86 machine.
      2. You would see a TextArea. Right click inside the text area. (Make sure you click only once. Clicking twice would make sub-menus appear on a diff location and a bug has been filed on this - 5040712).
      3. A popup menu would appear.
      4. Roll over the mouse on the popup menu and keep it on top of 'Menu 20'. The sub menu will be visible.
      5. Click the mouse once and release it.
      6. Move the up/down arrow keys and press right arrow on every menu item.
      7. If sub-menu does not appear for 'menu 20' on pressing the right arrow, the bug is reproduced.


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