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Hyperlink info in JEditorPane not voiced in JAWS when read through AccessBridge



      Operating System(s) : Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
      Full JDK version(s) (from java -version): Java 5.0 FCS (b64)
      When using a JEditorPane to display non-editable HTML text,
      hyperlink information is not voiced in the JAWS for Windows 5.10
      demo,which depends on the Java Access Bridge. We are using version 1.2
      GA of the Access Bridge, but the same effects are seen with version 1.1
      GA as well. JavaFerret or JavaMonkey also do not provide any information
      about hypertext (such as link count).
      Looking at the JEditorPane source, it appears as if the link count
      information is available, but the accessibility tools are not picking up
      the information correctly. We are able to print out the correct link
      count to the screen. This appears to be an issue between the JDK?s
      AccessibleContext and the accessibility tools that rely on it.
      -Steps for recreation
      1)copy TestFrame.java to any location,
      2)copy test.html to
      the root directory of the drive that TestFrame will run on (such as "C:\").
      3)The AccessBridge.jar files (access-bridge.jar and jaccess-1_4.jar)
      should exist in the jre/lib/ext
      directory, and the following line should be the only uncommented line in
      4)Use javac to compile TestFrame.java,
      5)Run "java TestFrame" to start the program.
      A window will appear containing the contents of test.html. It contains
      three hyperlinks.
      In the command prompt window, the name of the AccessibleContext class is
      printed. It should be AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML.
      6) When you mouse over the hyperlinks, the link count (3) should appear
      in the command prompt window.
      7) When JavaFerret or JavaMonkey are run, no Hypertext information is
      displayed. JAWS does not say "link" when a hyperlink is encountered, nor
      does it state the link count of the page when it is first displayed.
      8) Please note that no error checking is being done for the location of
      test.html. It must reside in the proper location (the root directory).
      -From IBM Java perspective we can tell that that we only supply
      information about the contents in JEditorPane retrieved through the
      getter methods. This is happening correctly as demonstrated in the
      testcase provided. The problem may be with the accessibility tools in
      the AccessBridge reading the values from the JDK and thereby JAWS is not
      able to "voice" those links.
      We have found a BUG 4765076 from the where a similar problem has been
      reported. The problem has been closed saying it is not reproducible at
      SUN?s end. In the BUG it is not being mentioned clearly about the type
      of contents in JEditorPane. But the HTML links may be included in the
      contents. Another bug, 4949105, is also identified on similar lines
      where it is reported that the AccessBridge is not able to parse the HTML

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