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Menus stays on the screen forever when minimizing an app with an opened menu, Win32




      The Menu in a swing application stays on the screen forever as a gray rectangle and does not disappear even when clicking all over the screen. This is seen while minimizing a frame when the menu is visible on the screen. This is pretty embarassing and seen very widely across many applications. I had to kill the application in order to make it disappear.

      Please do the following in order to reproduce this:
      1. Run SwingSet2 on WinXP with Tiger FCS or Mustang
      2. Resize SwingSet2 to the size of the toolbar so that some portion of the menu would appear outside the JFrame
      3. Click on any of the lengthy menus such as 'Themes' and click on the sub-menu.
      4. Make sure some portion of the menu is shown below the main window.
      5. Keeping the menu and sub-menu visible, press the 'ICONIFY' button on the main frame.
      6. Restore the frame. You would see the menu as a gray rectangle.

      Try moving the frame, clicking on the screen or any control on the app. The menu will not disappear.The frame alone will move to a different location. I have attached a couple of screenshots that shows how it looks. This is reproducible atleast since 1.5FCS and on Mustang also(b31) with WinXP. Not reproducible on Solaris/Linux.

      On Swing PIT build containing the gray rect fix, the menu still stays on the screen forever but is shown properly instead of the gray rectangle appearence shown with other builds. But it is not usable.

      This is easily reproducible with Bugster since bugster's main window is much smaller and the menu normally appears below the main window.

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