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WToolkit desktop properties needs to map font names


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0
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      The windows desktop properties implementation reads a number of
      font names from the windows system registry via SystemParametersInfo calls.
      The returned strings are as names used to instantiate java.awt.Font objects
      However the names that windows uses in these cases are usually a windows
      specific alias.
      For example on my XP Pro SP 2 the following system desktop properties
      and font names are returned.

      win.ansiFixed.font : Courier
      win.ansiVar.font : MS Sans Serif
      win.deviceDefault.font : System
      win.oemFixed.font : Terminal
      win.system.font : System
      win.systemFixed.font : Fixedsys

      The only client of these APIs - ie which uses the java.awt.Font objects -
      is the Swing Windows Look and Feel.
      As it is, without some code to appropriately map these using registry
      entries, or hard coded appropriate mappings, the majority of these will
      not be found by the font system. The consequence is that the font system
      incurs an expensive and fruitless search - ie loads all fonts only to
      not find a font called "Courier" for example. That caused a particular
      problem as win.ansiFixed.font is used by the Win L&F - the others may not be?

      Currently a couple of places do some remapping already :
      The Windows Look and Feel code remaps MS Sans Serif to Microsoft Sans Serif,
      and - although not in the above list - awt_DesktopProperties.cpp resolves
      MS Shell Dlg and MS Shell Dlg 2.

      What this bug is requesting is that the code in awt_DesktopProperties.cpp
      remap the above listed font names to some suitable value before creating
      the java.awt.Font.
      Determination of appropriate mappings probably requires some amount of
      digging into either the registry, or may be something that varies by
      windows release.
      But hard coded mappings are better than nothing
      for example :
      Courier -> Monospaced
      Fixedsys -> Monospaced

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