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PIT: Iconify / Maximize features are broken on Solaris with XToolkit


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      Modal dialogs incorrectly hides the min/max controls on the parent frames when it is shown. Minimizing the last opened isolated frame minimizes some of the other top-level windows shown on the screen which involves dialogs and frames.

      To reproduce this, run the attached sample - FileDialogTest on SolSparc10-JDS and do the following:
      1. You would see 3 frames. All are independent frames.
      2. Click on 'file' menu and click 'exit'.
      3. A dialog will be opened. Check the title bar of ButtonTest Frame. You would not see min/max controls. This does not happen when there is only one frame on the screen.
      4. Minimize the frame 'Isolated Frame2'. You would see 'ButtonTest' as well as 'Parent Dialog' being minimized. I am just wondering why should the other frames and dialogs be minimized?!! Infact, Dialog is having a null parent.
      5. Closing the dialog makes the min/max controls re-appear.

      Run the other attached test - Modeless.java on the same config:
      1. You would 3 frames and a dialog.
      2. Sometimes 2 of the frames have their min/max controls hidden when they are shown. Some other time, only one frame has it hidden initially and it gets hidden for other frames when I move the mouse over those controls.
      3. Minimize 'F1'. You would see all other windows minimizing.

      All the above behaviors are reproduced on the following PIT build, with SolSparc10-JDS:
      Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.6.0-awt.pit-int-awt-blade-dm97671_11_May_2005_10_32-b00)
      Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 1.6.0-ea-b35, mixed mode)

      Min/Max icons are hiding only on Solaris and stays there on other platforms (Linux AS3.0, Win32).
      Minimizing other top-levels when minimizing a frame happens on all linux platforms.

      I am really clueless on what is happening and the behaviors explained above are indeed very confusing. This is a basic feature and should work fine. Since it involves top-level windows, it will be very widely seen across different components when it gets integrated and would be very embarassing.
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