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COMPATIBILITY-reg: Sound is not functioning in some Yahoo applet games



      Tested OS/Browser:
                              win 2000 pro(sp4)/IE6

      Tested builds: java 1.6.0- build 44
                         java 1.5.0_u4- build 05 (posted on java.com)

      Using Sun java 1.6.0- build 44, Sound is not functioning in some Yahoo applet games. Sound is not heard at all during the game.

      Using Sun java 1.5.0_u4 - build 05 (from java.com) or MS VM, Sound is functioning in those game applets.

      It is clearly a regression since 1.5.0_u4, and a compatibility issue with MS VM

      Those Yahoo applet games are: Diamond Mine, Bookworm, Deuces Wild

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Install jre 1.6.0-build 44 into the test system
      2) Using IE6, browse http://games.yahoo.com
      3) Login using 'applabsuser'/'app123' as user name/password
      (or you can use your Yahoo login if you have one)
      4) Click 'Diamond Mine' under 'Puzzle Games' section

      Sound is not heard when diamonds are moved.

      - You can try 'Bookworm' game under 'Word Games' section
      and Sound is not heard throughout the game

      - You can try 'Deuces Wild' game under 'Card Games' section
      and there is no sound at all

      ###@###.### 2005-07-22 02:08:55 GMT

      Tested with Java SE 6.0 - build 46 on XP-Pro/Home
                                            IE 6

      and noticed more Yahoo applet games have the same sound issues.
      These games are: Bingo, Pool (along with other Yahoo applets mentioned originally)
      Since Yahoo is a very popular site to consumers, there is a need to address this sound issue. It works fine using Java SE 1.5.0_u4 and MS VM


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