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REG: Selection stops working when trying to select an inaccessible folder in the file dlg, XToolkit


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      x86, sparc
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      linux, solaris_10
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      I am opening a FileDialog in OPEN mode. The drop-down field actually shows my home directory. From the drop-down, I am selecting '/' path which is the root of all. Some folders in this path are inaccessible to me and accessible only for the super-user. I am double-clicking on one such folder in the left list. Nothing happens since I do not have permissions for this folder. But after this, when I try to double-click any other folder (even folders which are accessible to me) selection stops working and nothing happens. I had to close the file dialog and open again. So when the user tries to open an inaccessible folder, FileDialog stops working.

      This is reproducible since Tiger on XAWT. This is not reproducible with Motif. Hence this may look like a regression to the end user since XToolkit is now the default toolkit on Mustang. Fixing it for RC is recommended. I reproduced it on SolSparc10-JDS.

      I have attached a sample test. Execute the sample test. You would see a frame with 2 buttons. Click on 'Open' button. A file dialog opens up. Go to the path '/'. Try double-clicking on some folder which is not accessible to you. After this, double-click on the folder which is accessible to you. If the folder is not selected, the bug is reproduced.


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