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Text set with different fonts overlap when printing a RTF file through JEditorPane, WinXP


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      I have written an application which loads a RTF file onto a JEditorPane. This RTF file contains text of different fonts, colors, different styles such as BOLD, ITALIC etc. I see the following issues with Mustang:

      1. Some of the text that appear BOLD in the actual file does not appear that way in JEditorPane. For ex: text 'RTF' is bold in the attached RTF file whereas it appears normally in JEditorPane. However, printing the JEditorPane contents make this text appear in BOLD in the print out.

      2. When the fonts are changed for certain words, those words overlap with the previous words in the printout. You could compare the attached RTF file with the print out obtained though JEditorPane. The text appear properly on the screen and this is seen only when printing them.

      This is noticed on all mustang builds that has this feature. Could not regress it on previous releses since this involves a new feature. This is reproduced on WinXP with Mustang-b63. The issue (1) mentioned above is seen even on previous releases.

      This is important to be fixed since the customer would expect the same contents what is shown on the screen, on the printout as well.

      I have attached a sample test with associated RTF file. Run the test as follows:
      'java JEditorPane sample.rtf'. This would load the rtf file onto the JEditorPane. Check whether 'RTF' word in the first line appears in bold. If not, issue (1) is reproduced.
      Click the print button and print the text. Compare the print out with the screen. If the words set with different font overlap on the previous words, issue (2) is reproduced.


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