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Vista: JTable differs with native table in vista laf.


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        Bug Info:
        JTable differs with native table in the following cases.

        1. The native table shows the blue color for 'sort marker arrow' and 'sorted column header' but the JTable shows the gray color for both 'sort marker arrow' and 'sorted column header' in vista laf.

        2. A plain table(without shows vertical and horizontal lines) row selection bar differs with native plain table.

        In native table the row selection bar is continues(it means there is no vertical separator between the columns) but JTable row selection bar is discontinues(it means there is a vertical separator between the columns).I can able see this mismatch behavior in winxp default laf also.

        3.Column exchange behavior differs in JTable while compare with native table.

        In native while drag the column header for exchange,it shows a transparent layer for header and that layer is moving across the column headers.But in JTable doesn't have the same behavior.

        4. In Vista the sort marker shows top of the header in the middle but in JTable the sort mark shows the right side of the header.

        Please find the attached images for identifying the above differences.
        issue from 6426246 [Win Vista: JTable's Column header's height is more in Windows LAF]
        5. Column Header's height is more than what it supposed to be. When you compare with the native, the height is twice as normal height.


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