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Changing the font of the menubar does not change font immediately changes only when mouse is moved


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      I have a frame, which contains a menubar with few menus & menuitems. After selecting the menuitem , i am tring to change the font of the entire menubar. I would expect that font of the menubar (menus) to change immediately, but this is not happening. The font of the menubar changes only if i move the mouse pointer over the individual menu(s) on windows.

      I even tried an another screnario , after selecting the menuitem which changes the font of the menubar. I just minimized the frame & maximized , then the font changed as i expected on windows

      After changing the font of the menubar, the font of the menuitem goes outside the menuitem & can be seen on border. Can be noticed very clearly on solaris 10. On windows xp the characters are missing.

      Step to Reproduce :
      1) Run the attached program.
      2) Click on the "Font" menu. You will see two menuitems.
      3) Select "Increase Font" menuitem. This will change the font & its change size of the menubar. Observe on windows xp, If you see that font of the menu(s) remains the same the the bug is reproduce. On solaris this works fine.
      4)On windows, Move the mouse pointer over the menus. Observe that menus font are changing.

      Observe on windows, the "Decrease Font" menuitem ,the last character (t) is missing.
      Observe on solaris 10, the "Increase Font" & "Decrease Font" last character are seen on
      the border of the menuitems.

      I tested this mustang b97.




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