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Scroll bar in TextArea doesn't move when texts in the text area is selected & moved downwards.


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      1. Create a Frame with TextArea
      2. Enter many lines of text so that vertical scrollbar becomes small
      3. using mouse, select firstline and drag it downwards. now you will observe
         vertical scroll bar moving downwards.
      4. similarly click on last line, using MOUSE select last line and drag it upwards
         (that is try to select entire text using mouse drag)

      Expected Result: The vertical scrollbar should move upwards.
      Actual Result: Vertical scrollbar doesn't move upwards.

      Another Similar defect is
       1. Type some text in the same line untill you see very small horizontal Scrollbar.
       2. select the first letter using mouse and drag till the end of the line
      Expected result: The Horizontal Scrollbar of TextArea should move towards Right.
      Actual Result: The Horizontal Scrollbar of TextArea is not moving towards Right.

      This Defect is reproducible in Solaris Xtoolkit and occurs in 1.6.0
      To reproduce the defect please run the attached test and repeat the above steps.
      I have also noticed another interesting issue related to the bug. To reproduce it repeat steps 1-3 from the first case: select the first line and drag the mouse downwards out of the frame. Then release mouse button. Notice that keyboard focus is still in the textarea, but if you try to move text caret upwards with keyboard you wouldn't be able to do this as the text would be autoscrolled down.


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