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linux-sparc: SA: nsk/sajdi/SACoreAttachingConnector/attach/connect004 fails


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P4
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 7
    • Fix Version/s: tbd_major
    • Component/s: hotspot
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      java full version "1.7.0-internal-phh_14_nov_2006_19_47-b00"
      platform: linux-sparc
      Hotspot version: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (code based on 1.7.0 b02)
      Machine: genij.russia

      nsk/sajdi/SACoreAttachingConnector/attach/connect004 fails

      script> Check if feature not implemented: sun.jvm.hotspot.jdi.SADebugServerAttachingConnector
      script> Feature is implemented: sun.jvm.hotspot.jdi.SADebugServerAttachingConnector
      script> Run SA-JDI test:
      script> DEBUGGER_CLASS: jdb
      script> DEBUGGEE_CLASS: nsk.sajdi.jdb.options.connect.connect004a
      script> TEST_OPTS: -verbose -arch=linux-sparc -waittime=2 -debugee.vmkind=java -connector=attaching_server -server.connector=attaching_core -debugee.vmkeys=-server -Xmixed -DHANGINGJAVA10800 -Xcheck:jni
      script> CONNECTOR_NAME: sun.jvm.hotspot.jdi.SADebugServerAttachingConnector
      script> SERVER_CONNECT: attaching_core
      script> DEBUGGER_JDB: /net/zummer.russia/export/users/ik199011/JDK7/linux-sparc/bin/jdb
      script> JDB_OPTS: -J-server -J-Xmixed -J-DHANGINGJAVA10800 -J-Xcheck:jni -J-Dsun.jvm.hotspot.runtime.VM.disableVersionCheck=1
      script> DEBUGGEE_JAVA: /net/zummer.russia/export/users/ik199011/JDK7/linux-sparc/bin/java
      script> JAVA_OPTS: -server -Xmixed -DHANGINGJAVA10800 -Xcheck:jni
      script> Check if generated files exist: debuggee.status DebugServer.status_and_log core
      script> # WARNING: Delete existing file: debuggee.status
      script> # WARNING: Delete existing file: DebugServer.status_and_log
      script> Check if no core file size limit set
      script> Try to unlimit file size from: 0
      script> No core file size limit set: unlimited
      script> Run debuggee: nsk.sajdi.jdb.options.connect.connect004a
      script> Debuggee VM process started with pid: 5402 (5402)
      script> Wait for debuggee class to become ready within timeout: 120 seconds
      script> - not ready: 0 seconds
      Debuggee class started
      Debuggee class ready for debugging
      script> Debuggee VM got ready for debugging
      script> Kill debuggee VM process with SIGABRT for pid: 5402
      script> Wait for debuggee VM process terminated: 5402
      script> Debuggee VM terminated with exit status: 134
      script> Check if debuggee core file dumped: core
      script> Debuggee core file found: core.5402
      script> Try to restore core file size limit: 0
      script> Core file size limit restored: 0
      script> Run RMI registry tool: rmiregistry
      script> RNI registry process started with pid: 5417
      script> Run DebugServer: sun.jvm.hotspot.DebugServer
      script> DebugServer process started with pid: 5418
      script> Wait for DebugServer to become ready within timeout: 120 seconds
      script> - not ready: 0 seconds
      # An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment:
      # SIGBUS (0xa) at pc=0xecee0d8c, pid=5418, tid=4151753648
      # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (1.7.0-internal-phh_14_nov_2006_19_47-b00 mixed mode)
      # Problematic frame:
      [error occurred during error reporting, step 60, id 0xe0000000]

      # An error report file with more information is saved as hs_err_pid5418.log
      # If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:
      # http://java.sun.com/webapps/bugreport/crash.jsp
      script> - not ready: 5 seconds
      script> - not ready: 10 seconds
      script> - not ready: 15 seconds
      script> - not ready: 20 seconds
      script> - not ready: 25 seconds
      script> - not ready: 30 seconds
      script> - not ready: 35 seconds
      script> - not ready: 40 seconds
      script> - not ready: 45 seconds
      script> - not ready: 50 seconds
      script> - not ready: 55 seconds
      script> - not ready: 60 seconds
      script> - not ready: 65 seconds
      script> - not ready: 70 seconds
      script> - not ready: 75 seconds
      script> - not ready: 80 seconds
      script> - not ready: 85 seconds
      script> - not ready: 90 seconds
      script> - not ready: 95 seconds
      script> - not ready: 100 seconds
      script> - not ready: 105 seconds
      script> - not ready: 110 seconds
      script> - not ready: 115 seconds
      script> # ERROR: DebugServer has not become ready for timeout: 120 seconds
      script> DebugServer output:
      Attaching to core core.5402 from executable /net/zummer.russia/export/users/ik199011/JDK7/linux-sparc/bin/java and starting RMI services, please wait...
      script> Kill DebugServer and rmiregistry processes by pid: 5418
      script> Kill rmiregistry process by pid: 5417
      script> Kill debuggee VM processes by pid: 5402
      script> Delete debuggee core file: core.5402
      script> Debuggee core file deleted

      hs_err_pid5218.log attached

      All data is stored at /net/zummer.russia/zummer/export/users/ik199011/testing/sa/sparc-linux.genij

      About these tests:

      connect004 DESCRIPTION

          This is a test for '-connect' option used with SA-JDI connector:
              (while DebugServer is attached to core)

          and the following JDB commands:


          This test explicitely uses this kind of connector regardless
          of settings in ini-file.

          The test uses SA-JDI framework script to start JDB with
          this connector and issue the following JDB commands
          listed in 'jdb.commands' file.

          The test expects JDB to successfully attach to target VM
          and print target VM version info and list of all loaded
          classes including tested debuggee class. The test searches
          in JDB output all strings listed in 'jdb.grep' file.

          The test passes with exit status 95 is JDB has successfully
          attached to target VM, printed all expected messages and
          exited with status 0.

          The test fails with exit status 97 if any error occured.




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