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Gap between choice & choice popup(items), when the mouse wheel is moved towards south of the frame.



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      Note :- To reproduce this bug , you should have a mouse with the wheel.

      I have a frame, which contains a scrollpane & scrollpane contains panel to which some components are added. I click on the choice to see its contents & move the mouse on the scrollpane scrollbar & move the mouse wheel towards the south, when the scrollpane srollbar moves the components inside the scrollpane moves towards the north,but the choice popup remains in the same place. so there is a hug gap between the choice & choice's popup. which is incorrect. When the user clicked on the choice to see the items . Only choice scrollbar should move , so that the user can see the items of the choice. And it should block all the mouse wheel activities on the scrollpane's scrollbar.

      Step to reproduce:
      1) Run the attached program.
      2) Click on the choice. You will see the items of the choice.
      3) move the mouse over the scrollpane scrollbar.
      4) Move the mouse wheel towards south. untill the scrollbar tumb touches the downarrow of the vertical scrollbar of the scrollpane. Observe that there is a hug gap between the choice & choice popup . I have attached the screen shot of the same.

      This i reproduced from jdk 1.4.2( the build that i have) to jdk 7.0 b09.
      The same behaviour can be seen if the scrollpane's horizontal scrollbar is moved using the mouse wheel. To see this behaviour , just modify the testcase.
      scrollPane = new ScrollPane(ScrollPane.SCROLLBARS_AS_NEEDED);
      When the Frame is visible. Increase the height of the frame. so that vertical scrollbar is not seen. & try the same step as explained in step to reproduce.




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