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Change switch UseVMInterruptibleIO default to false (sol)


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 7
    • Fix Version/s: hs14
    • Component/s: hotspot
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        This is one of the last steps toward completing CR 4385444 "(spec) InterruptedIOException should not be required by platform specification (sol)" to get rid of Solaris-specific behavior with respect to thread interruption. (Note that this is unrelated to java.nio's fully portable support for I/O interruptibility).

        This change flips the VM interruptible I/O switch UseVMInterruptibleIO to the false/off/don't use state so that it is not found on by the Solaris-specific code for handling I/O interruption in response to thread interruption. This makes Solaris the blocking I/O operations currently interruptible noninterruptible, as they are on Linux and Windows. Although no dependent application has yet been discovered, should there be one, the above switch can be used to restore past behavior. Note that this switch is accepted by all versions of Hotspot as a user convenience, but ignored except on Solaris.

        Before this change can be putback both final JAT approval and CCC approval must be in hand. The initial JAT case is here: http://javaweb.sfbay/j2se/jat/log.html#solaris-iio .

        When the switch was added by CR 6382902 it was tested extensively in the "true" and "false" settings to look for posible regressions (see http://javaweb/java/jdk/ws/libs/rev/6382902 for details)

        In addition, when this switch was back ported to SE 5 it got additional testing (see CR and CCC case 2143405 for details).

        This change will be documented to users via the SE 7 release notes (CR, CCC TBD).

        In its previous meeting the JAT recommended this CR be implemented relatively early in the SE 7 release cycle as an additional precaution in case there are dependent applications, to give maximum time to adjust to the change.


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