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REG: Not all items in the Filechooser's drop-down are keyboard traversible, WinXP



      Not all the items in the FileChooser's 'Look in' drop-down are accessible by keyboard. After reaching MyDocuments item, the focus shifts to the first item in the drop-down.

      To reproduce the bug, do the following -
      1. Run SwingSet2 using 6u2-b05
      2. Choose Windows Look And Feel
      3. Go to FileChooser Demo
      4. Click on any of the buttons to open a FileChooser
      5. Click on the 'Look in' combo box.
      6. Try pressing the down arrow one by one.

      You will notice the following issue -

      2 'MyDocuments' items would be listed in the drop-down. When you traverse through keyboard and reach 'MyDocuments', the focus will shift to the other 'MyDocuments' item listed in the top. Hence you can not traverse through other items that follow the second 'MyDocuments'.

      This is reproducible only since 6u2 (I tested with b05) and not reproducible with 6u1. On 6u1, I can see only one 'MyDocuments' item in the drop-down. Hence this is a regression introduced in 6u2.

      This is reproducible with Windows XP as well as Classic Look And Feels. I can see 2 'My Documents' items listed in Metal LAF also but it does not affect the keyboard traversal.

      I have attached a screenshot of the file-chooser.


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