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JFB: 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 (AU off) cannot co-exist with previous 1.4.2/1.5.0 (AU on) jre.


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      1.6.0_06-rev-b03 (AU off) cannot co-exist with previous 1.4.2/1.5.0 (AU on) jre.

      To reproduce this bug it is desirable to have the following bundles (I used offline bundles) on the desktop of the system (for ease of installation etc).

      Released j2re 1.4.2_17fcs -> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html
      Released jre 1.5.0_15fcs -> http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index_jdk5.jsp
      (Not Released) jre 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 -> /net/koori.sfbay/onestop/jdk/1.6.0_06/promoted/rev/b03/j4b/bundles

      1. Removed all jdks/jres from system. Remove HKLM/SOFTWARE/JavaSoft registry key if necessary.

      2. Installed either j2re1.4.2_17fcs OR jre1.5.0_15fcs.

      3. Set the following keys in the registry.

      Set HKLM/SOFTWARE/JavaSoft/Java Update/Policy/UpdateServletURL to "http://jqa.ireland.sun.com/update/1.6.0/map-1.6.0.xml"
      Set HKLM/SOFTWARE/JavaSoft/Java Update/Policy/RunAtExactSchedule to ""
      Both UpdateServletURL & RunAtExactSchedule are of type "String Value".

      This is internally staged 6u10.

      4. Run the JCP for either j2re1.4.2_17fcs OR jre1.5.0_15fcs and click on the Update tab. Schedule an automatic update (AU) i.e. daily at 12:00pm. Click Ok -> Apply to save the changes.

      5. Change the date & time on the system. Put the new date in the future by a day or so and change the time to a few minutes before the scheduled time (12:00pm) e.g. 11:55am.

      6. Logout-Login or Reboot the system.

      7. Once you get the java update icon in the system tray install the 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 (AU off) bundle. Do not cancel the java update icon. After 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 is installed verify that "Check for Update Automatically" is unchecked by default.

      During the installation of 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 at no point does the java update icon disappear. Also, the jusched.exe process for j2re1.4.2_17fcs & jre1.5.0_15fcs is still active.

      If one leaves the java update icon alone and logout-login or reboot the system the java update icon disappears temporarily.

      The jusched.exe process (for either j2re1.4.2_17fcs OR jre1.5.0_15fcs) is still active.

      Sometimes later (can be between 5-15 minutes) the java update is once again offered. Remember, 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 has "Check for Update Automatically" unchecked by default so this is the previous java update (from either j2re1.4.2_17fcs or jre1.5.0_15fcs).

      Installation of 1.6.0_06-rev-b03 (AU off) is supposed to turn auto update off for customer.

      From step 7 above, once you get the java update icon, right-click on the icon and click Cancel. The java update icon should disappear. The jusched.exe process (j2re1.4.2_17 OR jre1.5.0_15) is still running. The latest jre on the system is 1.6.0_06-rev-b03. Change the date & time on the system i.e. advance the date by one day and change the time to again a few minutes before the previous scheduled update time (11:55am). Logout-Login or Reboot the system. Within a few minutes you should be offered the java update even though automatic updates are not enabled for 1.6.0_06-rev-b03. The jusched.exe process for (j2re1.4.2_17fcs OR jre1.5.0_15fcs) is picking up the update.

      Killing the jusched.exe process for j2re1.4.2_17fcs OR jre1.5.0_15fcs?
      I killed the jusched.exe process (and verified it was gone, see Screenshot4.png). I rebooted the system and after login the jusched.exe process was active again and again I was offered the java update.


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