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javaws does not recognise j4b revisions, only fcs.



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      Testsuite name:/javaws
      JDK/JRE tested: 6u17-revb08 (also rev-b07, rev-b06 & rev-b05) + 6u16-rev & 6u15-rev
      OS/architecture: Windows
      Reproducible: Always
      Reproducible on machine: Any windows machine.
      Is it a platform specific regression: Yes (windows only)
      [If yes] Is it a new platform support: No
      [If yes] Regression relative to OS version: No
      Is it a Regression: Yes
      [If yes] Regression introduced in release/build: 6u17-rev-b05 - but this seems to affect any 6uN-rev release.
      Test result on FCS: Pass - on FCS release of 6u17, 6u16, 6u15 etc etc.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Take any windows system. I tested on Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP (Home or Pro), Windows Vista &
      Windows 7. All had latest services packs in addition to latest Windows Updates.

      2. Remove all JRE/JDK from system.

      3. Install 6u17-rev-b08. You may access this from the following location.


      4. Open a command line terminal. Do the following:

      $ cd C:/Progra~1/Java/jre6/bin
      $ ./javaws -uninstall
      $ ./javaws http://ventura.ireland.sun.com:8080/JavawsMustangIntegTest/hellojaws/BAT.jnlp

      BAT.jnlp will fail to launch. If you click on details button you will see that it requests
      an earlier JRE (JNLP file specifies j2se version="1.2+"), even though 6u17 is installed.

      Interestingly the following works fine.

      $ cd C:/Windows/system32 (or C:/WINNT/system32 for Windows 2000 Pro).
      $ ./javaws -uninstall
      $ ./javaws http://ventura.ireland.sun.com:8080/JavawsMustangIntegTest/hellojaws/BAT.jnlp

      BAT.jnlp launches fine here.

      I've tested various combinations of the following on Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP (Home or Pro), Windows Vista &
      Windows 7.

      From the Sun Java Installation directory (C:/Program File/Java/jre6):

      6u18-ea-b05 - FAIL
      6u18-ea-b01 - FAIL ( existing bug 6715420, not yet verified? )

      6u17-rev-b08 - FAIL
      6u17-rev-b07 - FAIL
      6u17-rev-b06 - FAIL
      6u17-rev-b05 - FAIL
      6u17-b04 (FCS) - **PASS**

      6u16-rev-b04 - FAIL
      6u16-rev-b04 - FAIL
      6u16-rev-b03 - FAIL
      6u16-rev-b02 - FAIL
      6u16-b01 (FCS) - **PASS**

      6u15-rev-b04 - FAIL
      6u15-b03 (FCS) - **PASS**

      In all cases above if JNLP file is launched form system32 directory then JNLP downloads & launches
      without any issues and without requesting an earlier JRE. Also, for any of the above releases the JNLP file launches ok if clicked via browser (IE or Firefox).

      This looks like similar issue detailed in existing bug CR#6715420. Fix was integrated into 6u18-ea-b01
      but it is currently unverified.

      I've attached 2 screenshots. One is of 6u17-rev-b05 failing from Sun Java installation directory.
      Other is of 6u17-rev-b05 passing from system32 directory.

      It also does not matter what browser was default (IE or Firefox).


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