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Plugin unable to load app when temporary files are stored and loaded accross the network


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        Citibank's CitiDirect application won't load if the jar cache is redirected to the network drive. Problem is observed with IE on Windows XP using JRE 6u11 through 6u21.

        In the expected behavior, where files are cached on the local (C) drive, the application works as expected. Expected behavior is the application window comes up and there are applications listed on the lefthand pane. Clicking on any one of the application links in the left hand pane will bring up that feature in the main application window.

        When the jar files are cached on a drive located across the network, The application window is never populated with any of the frames- it is completely blank.

        JRE 5 is reported to work, but access is intolerably slow. The customer also tried mapping the network drive to a local drive letter (I). They found the application ran when connecting to (I), but intolerably slow using 6u14, but they still reported the same issues with 6u21.

        Customer sent examples of console contents as well as the jstack output which is attached. They also sent the example of a working session which can be found in the two *working*.txt files. The *.xls file shows how the application should look if it loads properly.

        In the console output of the failing sessions, we do observe "Cache entry not found" messages, however these can also be observed in the *working* ouptput as well.

        The customer has provided us with access to their UAT environment where we can observe the problem. Access details and steps to reproduce are provided in the Comments section of this report.

        Note that when we make the network shared folder on a machine without much network latentancy, everything works fine with the application.


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