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Can't create desktop shortcut for HelloWorld application for jdk7b115 test.


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      Bug Description: Can't create desktop shortcut for HelloWorld application for jdk7b115 test.
      Testsuite name: TCK-jnlp manual
      JDK/JRE tested: jdk7b115(jdk-7-ea-bin-b115-windows-amd64-21_oct_2010.exe)
      OS/architecture: win7-ultimate-x64
      Reproducible: Always
      Is it a platform specific regression: N
      Is it a Regression: Y
      Regression introduced in release/build: jdk7b115

      Test run log location: http://jsqalab.sfbay.sun.com/results/Evergreen/7/1.7.0b115/tck/win7-ultimate-x64/work/jnlp_file/information/

      Test run result location: http://jsqalab.sfbay.sun.com/results/Evergreen/7/1.7.0b115/tck/win7-ultimate-x64/work

      Steps to reproduce:
      1.Install test bundle jdk7b115 from http://jre.sfbay/java/re/jdk/7/promoted/ea/b115/bundles/windows-x64/ to C:/jdk1.7.0
      2.Install workspace from /java/re/jnlp_tck/6.0.18/promoted/latest/bundles/jnlp_tck-6_0_18.jar and unzip it to C:/tck/jnlp_tck60
      3.Create work folder at C:/tck/work, and temp folder at C:/temp
      4.Modify C:/tck/jnlp_tck60/lib/jnlp60.jtx file. After modify, please refer to the attachment jnlp60.jtx.
      5.Please refer to the attachment file javatest.sh and jnlp.jti file. Put these two files at C:/tck. Run the file javatest.sh, it will launch the case jnlp_file/information/index.html#Desktop.

      And case instruction is as follows:

      Interactive test for the desktop integration of the application


      The information element describes meta-information about the application.

      The elements 'shortcut' and 'related-content' can be used to indicate an

      application's preferences for desktop integration.

      Such elements provide hints to the JNLP Client which may or may not be used.


      The information element below contains:



          <shortcut online="false">


               <menu submenu="HelloWorld"/>


          <related-content href="readme.html">


                <description>The README file</description>

                <icon href="readme.gif"/>



      This test installs the HelloWorld application, that just shows "Hello World" for a few seconds.

      Please check that "Hello World" is displayed and that the application is installed as expected.


      Was the HelloWorld application installed as expected?


      Actual behavior:
      Can't create desktop shortcut for HelloWorld application.

      1. same platform/jdk7b115-32bit bundle (jdk-7-ea-bin-b115-windows-i586-21_oct_2010.exe): same isse
      2. ubuntu8.04-x86/jdk7b115-32bit bundle: same issue
      3. solaris10u9-x86/jdk7b115-32bit bundle: same issue.
      4. same build/winvista-x64: same issue
      5. same platform/jdk7b114: pass




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