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resexhausted004 hangs nsk.jvmti subsuite run due to pop-up in JDK7-B131


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        In my baseline JDK7-B131 testing on WinXP, the following VM/NSK test
        failed and caused a pop-up that stopped execution of the
        nsk.jvmti subsuite:


        Here is a report of failed nsk.jvmti tests that took longer
        than 900 second (15 minutes) to execute:

        $ get_tonga_test_times -f 900 vm-jvmti-prod-*/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-client-fast-comp.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-client-fast-mixed.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-client-prod-comp.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-client-prod-mixed.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-server-fast-comp.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
            8446 nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted004 FAIL

        log: vm-jvmti-prod-server-fast-mixed.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
            1176 nsk/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexhausted004 FAIL

        log: vm-jvmti-prod-server-prod-comp.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log
        log: vm-jvmti-prod-server-prod-mixed.windows-i586/tonga.output/Tonga.log.log

        For the vm-jvmti-prod-server-fast-mixed.windows-i586 config, I happened
        to notice the pop-up and dismissed it so the timeout wasn't much longer
        than the usual 15 minutes.

        For the vm-jvmti-prod-server-fast-comp.windows-i586 config, I wasn't at
        my keyboard so that timeout tool 140+ minutes. Ouch.
        Please note that this test already has a known failure mode covered by:

            7013634 4/4 jvmti resexhausted001 can timeout or fail due to
                        excessive thread creation

        Also note that this test doesn't fail all the time. Much of the
        time, yes, but not all the time.

        I've filed this bug because the pop-up is new in JDK7-B131. Actually,
        the pop-up can also be reproduced with JDK7-B130, but it didn't stop
        execution of the subsuite. No, I have no idea why. My test log showed
        an assertion failure for the test with JDK7-B130, but the test exited
        with exit code 95 so the test wasn't logged as a failure. To reiterate:
        a pop-up does happen with JDK7-B130 bits, but the subsuite execution
        does not hang.
        Observed the same pop-up in baseline testing for JDK7-B132 on
        WinXP for the following VM/NSK test:


        The configuration was:


        $ cat vm-jvmti-prod-server-fast-comp.windows-i586/do_vm_common_tests.6996.version
        CompileOnly: compileonly *nsk*.*
        VM option 'CompileOnly=nsk'
        java version "1.7.0-ea"
        Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-ea-b132)
        Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 21.0-b03-fastdebug, compiled mode)


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